Canada is a continuous universal exposition


Tomorrow, 55 years after Terre des Hommes, is Expo Day!

Are you going to celebrate?

There will be national pavilions everywhere! In all corners of the country!

The pavilion of Italy, Pakistan, Colombia, Turkey, India, First Nations.

And, of course, Quebec.

Will you be wearing your hunting shirt? Your fur? Your snowshoes?


This is Canada in 2022.

Continuous international exhibition.

Finished, the country founded by two peoples! It’s an old story, all of this, a story that goes back to before the Flood!

Now, with Justin, it’s Expo 67 all year round! The popular festival!

Each ethnic group has its own little square assigned in the great post-national quilt.

Here are the activities that will be presented throughout the day in the Quebec pavilion …

9:00 am: The entire CAQ delegation will sing the national anthem of Canada, but watch out! Only in French! After all, the CAQ is a nationalist party!

9:30 am: Quebec emerging artists choir will sing the the most beautiful melodies in both languages, withelectric guitar and drums. Shake your shitmove that thing, it’s quebec funk, Yeah yeah !

A portrait Updated of Quebec youth!

10:30 am: The most anticipated return to the countryside! After half a century of silence, Eaton’s Vieilles Anglaises, one of the leading bands of the 70s, will return to the stage, accompanied by the cashiers of Tim Hortons’ Les P’tits! On the program, the famous success Speak English, seifabitch !

11:00: Conference by Louis-Jean Cormier on the theme “Bonjour / Hi: bilingualism, an unparalleled strike force!” “.

12:00: Meet at the Cabane à sucre for a tasting of typical Quebec dishes, which Quebecers eat every day! Cracked ears! Pea soup! And tourlouche d’astourne in his pelota, with a well-vomited crastillon!

14:00: The best of I Franco’s Montreal, the largest French festival in Quebec !

3:00 pm: Following heartfelt remarks from Governor General Mary Simon, CN CEO Tracy Robinson, and Air Canada CEO Michael S. Rousseau, Justin Trudeau will take a tour of the Quebec Pavilion aboard a dog sled.

16:00: Demonstration against Bills 21 and 96 by the English Montreal School Board and the McGill Student Association for Diversity.

17:00: Canadian flag salute ceremony with Bernard Drainville and Caroline St-Hilaire.

18:00: Quebec Workshop To hit hosted by commentators from National Postfrom Toronto sunshine And Globe and post.

“Just as there are hundreds of words for“ snow ”in Inuktitut, there are 253 ways to call Quebecs racist in English! Come and share the joy ! Fun for the whole family ! “

22:00: Fireworks and collective prayer for the PQ to continue to go down in the polls.

It will be a memorable day! It will be a great day !


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