Being engulfed in a vortex of research


The mystery of the internet-tv vortex that sucks us into a vortex of useless and enthralling research while we watch our favorite series is beautiful.

During the fifth season of The crownpause, let’s fire up on Google or Wikipedia, which spits out a packet of information about the royal yacht’s year of construction Britannia (from 1952 to 1953) or on the hierarchical position of Prince Philip’s “very good friend”, Penelope Knatchbull (she is Countess Mountbatten of Burma).

We all do it, let’s face it. We stop listening to the slightest micro-detail rolling up and, boom, we fall into a bottomless pit, a rabbit hole in English (rabbit hole). She played what, Jeremy Allen White, before cooking (delicious) beef sandwiches The bear on Disney+? Answer: inside Shameless (No regrets), where he played Lip Gallagher.

And the fall into Reddit subs begins. A simple one hour episode of House of the Dragon thus transforms into a two-hour and thirty-minute pre-university course on the influence of accursed kings of Maurice Druon in the construction of the neo-medieval universe of George RR Martin.

The vortex/bottomless pit engulfed me again Sunday night during the penultimate episode of the excellent white lotus (The White Lotus) on Super Ecran and Crave. Like a Monica Néron in Second chanceI frantically Googled: the price of a room at the Four Seasons in Taormina where the series was filmed ($2000!), the titles of the Italian pop songs played in the episode (Bye bye!), the name of Jennifer Coolidge’s character in Blonde and legal (Paulette Bonafonté), and came across an interview with actor Theo James, aka Cameron the banker shower bag – where he talks about the penile prosthesis he put in the first episode.


The manager of the White Lotus Hotel, Valentina (played by Sabrina Impacciatore)

Also typed into the search engine: why do wealthy vacationers at the White Lotus always eat at the hotel restaurant, when their personal fortunes would buy the best tables in all of Sicily? According to Wall Street Journal, who seriously investigated the matter, it is simply a script trick to allow all the characters, customers, visitors and employees of the White Lotus to cross each other at the buffet, on the beach or in the piano bar. It’s logical. At least from a television point of view.

The most interesting quest about The white lotus 2 they revolve around theories about the final punch and who will die before the credits roll. Accuracy here. No, I haven’t seen the latest episode of The White Lotus 2, which Crave and Super Ecran will broadcast on Sunday at 21:00, I’m as in a vacuum as you are.

But I’ve read plenty of juicy hypotheses, including a plausible and juicy one about the handsomely lost Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) being absorbed by the mysterious Quentin’s (Tom Hollander) party entourage.

In the rococo room where Tanya slept with the sexy powdered mobster, there was a photo of Quentin and the straight Wyoming cowboy she loved so much, so long ago, a cowboy who looked uncannily like Greg (Jon Gries), Tanya’s husband . Oops. A bright red dot near the ceiling also indicated that a camera was filming the antics between Tanya and her Italian stallion.

This compromising video would surely void any marriage contract between Greg and billionaire Tanya. And it’s not for nothing that Quentin’s (fake) nephew, who took Tanya’s assistant from party in Palermo, he said his uncle would soon be saved. Greg and Quentin have been working together since the beginning to steal Tanya, sweet Jesus! I love this thesis.

One thing’s for sure, bubbly Daphne (Meghann Fahy) doesn’t die. It is she who discovers the first corpse floating in the sea, we imagine that she would have recognized her husband Cameron, but she could also be an actress to disguise her perfect murder of her, who knows.

Another potential killer: the shy marathon runner weird guy Ethan (Will Sharpe), who suspects his girlfriend Harper (Aubrey Plaza) of sleeping with his friend Cameron. He’s very psychopathic, our secretive Ethan. Red flag.

My favorite theory involves the escort Lucia (Simona Tabasco), who allegedly conspired with her local boyfriend to defraud the entire Di Grasso family, grandfather, father and son. She would be brilliant.

I liked it The white lotus 2, which has been watched with varying levels of reading, and good news, the HBO channel has ordered a third installment. Congratulations!

Ken Scott on the small screen

After Xavier Dolan on Club illico, it’s the turn of director Ken Scott (The great seduction) to switch between the big and small screens. According to my moles, the director of Starbucks and’goodbye happiness is preparing a large costume miniseries for Bell Media’s Crave platform, which will be filmed in English and French.

The subject: organized crime and the numerous bank robberies that shook Montreal in the 70s. Ken Scott will write the screenplay, as well as take over behind the camera. No actors have yet been cast in this secret project, produced by KOTV. Now awaiting further reports from my spies, thank you.


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