At the masked singers ball, hey hey!


After 12 weeks of jerky shouts and mechanical movements by Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, the most popular program on the small screen in Quebec, all networks combined, he unmasked his latest mascot with a robotic voice on Sunday night.

Now the informant here sounds like a former student of Star Academy, which has been revised and corrected several times. So it was Véronique Claveau who hid in the imperial costume of the queen of day and night and who was crowned the big winner of the second season of Masked singers to VAT.

His rereading of Everyone shouts SOS he was gorgeous and the show’s impersonator I’ll see you next week of Radio-Canada was one of the few contestants to sing a capella, surrounded by overhead furniture, in a beautifully composed stage tableau.

Unlike last year, the voices of the masked singers were less manipulated, less electronically modified, which allowed keen ears to recognize the crystalline timbre of Véronique Claveau, one of the protagonists of the musical Anna.

During That plane for me by Plastic Bertrand, it was also easy to identify the presenter Pierre-Yves Lord, aka the Super Otter, who ended his performance suspended in the air. Even the distinctive grain of Ludovick Bourgeois’ voice pierced his robot armor when he remade What about us by P!nk in a skillfully choreographed assembly-line act.

This fall, it was the more cryptic and less obvious clue capsules that gave viewers a run for their money. Let’s just say some information about our mystery stars has been gleaned far, far from their CVs.


The 2021 finalists sang on stage Sunday night.

The sensational conclusion of Masked singers began with the return of the 2021 finalists, namely Harfang des noces (Johanne Blouin), Black Turkey (Jason Roy Léveillée) and Inséparables (Wilfred LeBouthillier and Marie-Élaine Thibert), who sang Winner takes all d’Abba, a rather conventional and obvious choice of piece, let’s face it.

Anouk Meunier remains my favorite investigator on the panel. He has talent, enthusiasm, quick witticisms and is always picking up key information that has slipped under the radar.

Masked singers it is an effective, dynamic, well-constructed show, which however ends up becoming repetitive. That said, it’s bespoke family entertainment, returning in September 2023 for a third round.

In this lively parade of high-end disguises, I think Laurence Jalbert (the Punkette Skunk), Stéphane Archambault (the Mandrill) and Véronique Béliveau (the Firefly) deserved to progress further in the competition. Justice for these misunderstood creatures, well!

Time for truth therapy

Viewing The moment of truth Sunday night, a neophyte might have believed itDouble occupation: Martinique it was the most wonderful, humane and enriching experience in the modern history of Quebec reality television.


Applicants fromDouble occupancy on occasion The moment of truth

Phrases like “friends for life”, “positive leader”, “beautiful bromance “, ” As soon as love “, “Being there for each other” and “Getting to know each other” punctuated this 1.5-hour show that felt more like therapy for personal growth than a necessary tune-up after so much turmoil.

“Everyone reaps the fruits of their own person,” philosophized Jimy the tiler cowboy, who fortunately hadn’t dragged his guitar.

Smelled very strongly of the PR operation to restore the image ofODwhich was marked by the overbearing scandal of the three ghosts of Christmas, present, past and future.

Jay Du Temple, with a surprising capillary and sartorial sobriety, confessed the competitors with the tone of a Louise Sigouin torn between two dualities. What have you learned about yourself, my friend?

And when candidates fromOD swinging phrases like “you gave him the gift of giving him his space”, in reality, there is clearly a mistake about the nature of the program. This intimate formula, punctuated by a Christmas-type soundtrack with André Gagnon, no longer had anything to do with the old hours of truth, when things moved much more.

Did this 2022 vintage drink an amnesiac – and not an energy – drink before the cameras rolled on? The confidences of the fireman Jonathan, the bachelor disliked by Voldemort and his two “toxiamis”, were the only authentic moment of the evening. “I had never experienced this in mine calypse of life”, Jonathan summed up the exclusion he suffered in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers. Without the presence of the cameras, Jonathan met Félix (one of the three banned fromOD) in the company of the broker Jasmin Roy to collect the broken vases. From what we gathered Sunday night, Jonathan wants to cancel OD of your CV, and we understand that.

According to the production, Kiana declined the invitation to participate The moment of truth, while Sandrine had a fever on the day of the recording. Isaack and Philippe, the two responsible for the debacle, were obviously automatically removed from the board.

The percentage of votes hasn’t been made public, but Claudia and Jimy won by a “very sizable margin,” I was told. Understand: Aïssa and Walide have only collected crumbs.


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