After his controversial remarks, “The Rock” threatened by Megan’s boyfriend Thee Stallion!


The Rock rocked social media with its hilarious comments on rapper Megan Thee Stallion. But in the general euphoria, the artist’s boyfriend, Pardison Fontaine, wanted to react with quite clear comments, to calm things down.

As a great international superstar, as a partner of many great brands, The Rock must be irreproachable in its attitude and its communication, something that is moreover. But during a recent interview, he allowed himself a small mistake that turned on social networks, since he confessed his attraction to rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

Immediately, the artist’s companion, Pardison Fontaine, intervened on social media to save face. He started on Instagram, saying The Rock’s wife had to “learn how to season her dishes,” before continuing on Twitter, with a certain ease. Obviously, he’s not worried about her relationship at all:

Pardi saves furniture in the face of The Rock’s controversy

For all the things I have to worry about, you think I blame The Rock 😂

My Instagram comment started with “all our dog numbers” and ended with “Moana is my movie” 🗿 … I deleted it yesterday because people took it the wrong way. My joke may have been in bad taste 😂

Pardison Fontaine assures him that he is not worried at all following Dwayne Johnson’s statements about his girlfriend. A commendable detachment that demonstrates either great maturity or an uncontrollable fear of dealing with a muscular and athletic man like The Rock. Internet users haven’t necessarily caught the trap by developing other hilarious theories:

@big deal_: Pardi studied The Rock’s financial worth and felt the pressure when he said he would do anything for Megan Thee Stallion.

@its_kachi: Pardi is in a delicate position. The Rock has more money, is better known and can beat him in a fight. The male ego is not ready to endure this type of attack.

The situation it’s more than complicated for Pardi, who has to deal with the insult generated by The Rock’s comments. He tried to do it with detachment on social networks, which only thrilled Internet users …


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