Accused of voyeurism for filming his antics with his wife without his knowledge


The ex-spouse of a man accused of voyeurism for having filmed her without his knowledge during their sexual relations claims to have found videos of several other women who may also be victims of his plan.

Plaintiff could never have imagined that her privacy would be so violated by the man she loved. After four years of relationship, the 45-year-old woman decided to leave Luc Paradis, particularly suspecting him of infidelity.

But it was by rummaging through the 50-year-old man’s hard drives that he realized the full extent of the deception. He claims to have discovered about twenty videos of his ex of him having sex with other women, unknown.

“The videos were numbered up to 18. I’m number 17,” she illustrates. Most of the videos are shot the same way, the complainant says. “He opens his cell phone. He puts it on a small table in front of the bed and goes to bed ”, explains the one who prefers not to be identified while wanting to alert potential victims.

Voyeurism complaint

Luc Paradis’ ex-wife filed a complaint with the Sûreté du Québec, which ultimately led to an accusation of voyeurism. The defendant will then have to appear in court in mid-December.

The sole plaintiff wanted all the videos found on Paradis’ hard drives reported. “The police can’t look at the other videos because they can’t tell if the other women were consenting,” she explains.

Shedding light on the case of Luc Paradis, he therefore hopes that other alleged victims, who believe they have been filmed by the defendant during sexual intercourse, will come forward to the police.


Especially since Luc Paradis has tried to monetize the withdrawal of the denunciation of voyeurism. A Superior Court judge even ordered him to pay a sum of $122,000 for his “fraudulent actions.”

Is that the couple owned a bistro-bar in Saint-Sauveur. While the ex-spouse worked without pay and without counting the hours, Luc Paradis had “absolute control” over the company’s finances, the judge indicates.

In December 2020, the bar closed permanently, but Paradis, who “decided unilaterally on the sums” committed by the bistro, used $40,000 from the Canadian Business Emergency Loan Program (CEUN) towards the purchase of a new home.

While citing the videos and the defendant’s attempted blackmail, the Superior Court asked for $122,000 in payment. The man “acted fraudulently by taking tens of thousands of dollars for his sole benefit” from the bar and the sale of the house, the judge ruled.

“It was an A to Z manipulation,” laments her ex-spouse who also hopes to see the color of his money.

Luc Paradis was also charged with unauthorized possession of a firearm following an event that occurred in October 2021.

Luc Paradis was also charged with unauthorized possession of a firearm following an event that occurred in October 2021.

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