A Miss Italy finalist gets a lot of insults because of her disability


Despite her disability, Chiara Bordi makes it to the final of the Miss Italy contest and causes a wave of insults on the Internet.

A young woman in a dress walks on the catwalk, radiant and with sparkling eyes. She is only 18 and this teen is here to shake up the standards of beauty. She is young, beautiful and sunny.

However, as soon as she lifted the hem of her dress, revealing a prosthesis, the audience froze. What they had in front of them was the first in such a competition. Despite everything, she finished third on the podium. This sparked astounding comments from netizens. The competition boss ended up reacting.

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Where it all began

Five years before this famous competition, the only procession to which Chiara Bordi was entitled was that of doctors, entering and leaving her hospital room. About her He was on her bed, staring blankly, with her loved ones sitting next to her.

And for a good reason? A motorcycle accident that he had just suffered. Unfortunately, during his fall, part of his left leg went under a car. She is rushed to hospital, but the impact is such that doctors have no choice but to remove her.

Several weeks pass but the situation does not improve. During her nine months in the hospital, she will have to undergo three operations before his condition really stabilizes. Healing was very difficult, especially psychologically.

However, she was determined to be reborn. It was impossible for him to stop and bend his knees in the face of this test, however difficult it was. Sure, she had a part of herself that was gone, but she was no less a woman than all the others. Chiara promised herself one thing: “It takes courage, but I will live. Life is always beautiful. “

That’s exactly what he’s been doing for the past five years. Of course it was easier said than done. She had to learn to think differently and adapt to her new “me”. The road to this acceptance has been long and tortuous, but also full of adventures and unlikely encounters.

He tried sports he hadn’t even imagined before. She has climbed, got her scuba certification and was even a guest of several schools to tell her story about her. But most importantly, she appeared in the center of attention arriving at the finale of Miss Italy.

And meanwhile on the internet

Internet users say they are offended. All women who meet the conditions required to participate in a beauty pageant can try their luck. Yet, for them, his arrival in the final is simply based on pity.

“You make me sick, you go home, people vote for you because you are paralyzed”we can read on Twitter.

There are a bewildering number of tweets like this on the social network. But very fortunately, the young woman was defended by many fans and by the team of Miss Italy.

“You really are idiots. Your parents probably never educated you. Things like that shouldn’t happen again. ”

said Francesco Facchinetti, a DJ who co-hosted the show, addressing the netizens who insulted Chiara.

Chiara Bordi
Instagram shot

Even the patron of the competition, Patrizia Mirigliani, reacted by saying that she found “unacceptable to humiliate a young woman who, with great courage and with enormous sacrifices, is trying to make a place in the world despite the tragedy that has hit her.”

The main stakeholder, meanwhile, has managed to stay calm in the face of this mass of hate on the internet. Either way, he just wanted to send a message of strength and rebirth by entering this contest. However, he said “I’m sorry for you because I may be missing a foot, but you are missing a brain and a heart. ” What else can be said?


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