A grandfather who has been deceived wants to protect others


A 60-year-old from South Shore who was robbed of no less than $ 4,500 in grandparent fraud wants to warn vulnerable people to be more alert when the phone rings.

“I want to warn the elders. They must not assume that all the calls are true, ”warns Yves Clercin, 66 and benevolent.

The Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville resident claims he was not “naive” in answering a fraudulent phone call that “played with his emotions” on August 3.

“Anyone can be trapped. He did it right, man. He was crying, says what he thought he recognized his nephew’s voice at the end of the line. I asked if it was Louis-Philippe. It was my mistake. “

Creating a sense of urgency, his interlocutor told him that he had been in a car accident. He therefore needed $ 4,500 to pay his bail.

“When we are taken by emotions, we forget the essential, Mr. Clercin believes. Besides, my nephew doesn’t even have a car. How could he have been in an accident? “

The latter has therefore listened to the indications of the scammer. At his suggestion, he called him the so-called “lawyer of his nephew, who used many legal terms”.

shabby young woman

The beneficiary retired employee then went to the bank to withdraw the requested amount. In addition, the stress led him to inadvertently put the $ 500 he had withdrawn for his personal expenses into the bag.

Moments later, a young woman he found “shady” knocked on his door to collect the money.

“Since she was physically young, I found it strange,” says Mr. Clercin, who hastened to photograph her with his tablet, as a precaution.

The suspect wanted by the Longueuil police.

Courtesy photo

The suspect wanted by the Longueuil police.

“The lawyer kept talking on the line. I had a hard time concentrating, ”he continues, to explain the discomfort caused by this ploy.

Quickly realizing he had stuffed his $ 500 in the envelope, the 60-year-old tried to call “the lawyer” back, but the number was already non-existent.

“It was then that I knew I had been had,” says the grandfather, not very optimistic about having his savings back. But a burnt cat is worth two. They won’t have me anymore. “

other victims

The police department of the agglomeration of Longueuil (SPAL) is also looking for the 20-year-old suspect photographed by Mr. Clercin. Police believe it “highly possible” that he used the same scheme against other victims.

“Don’t give out personal information. Ask questions that only your loved one would be able to answer, “suggests the police force.

Anyone with information can contact SPAL anonymously at 450-463-7100, extension 2598.

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