9 moving testimonies of stars after the death of Jean Lapointe


As soon as we learned of his death, many personalities from all walks of life shared their praises and words of love for Jean Lapointe, who was at once an idol, a great artist and a man loved by all.

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1. “Dad had great humility and great vulnerability. He wondered, but he loved us and we never doubted it. – Jean-Marie Lapointe.

Photo: Julien Faugere / TVA Pu

2. “Jean Lapointe was a man of heart, a great humorist from my childhood, but also and above all one of the greatest dramatic actors of recent decades. My minds
to Jean-Marie and family. Hello, my Jean! – Guy Nantel.

3. “Goodbye, dear Jean, we will meet again! Her son, Jean-Marie, was very touching when he spoke about her. You would have been proud of him. A+” – Luisa Latraverse.

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4. “In addition to his immense talent, Jean had an exceptional charisma, which I have never seen before. He was the godfather of one of my daughters. He was a charming man who worked a lot. He always said that his best songs were written in less than half an hour. He had a somewhat peculiar way of working! I have a thought for his family and his children. – Yvon Deschamps.

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5. “A friendship of more than 50 years cannot be forgotten. It made me laugh and cry often, regardless of the context, personal or professional. Thank you, Jean, for your magnanimity…RIP!” – Winston McQuade.

Photo: Patrick Seguin / TVA Pu

6. “The first comedy show I saw on stage was Jean Lapointe. I remember saying to my mother, “One day you’ll come here and I’ll be on stage.” Thank you, Jean, for making me want to do this job. Thanks for the laughs and your kindness to me. We just lost a great man. My deepest condolences to family and friends.” – Jean-Michel Anctil.

7. “Dear Jean, I had the opportunity to meet a very talented man, an immense artist, a generous and affectionate human being. I liked hearing you talk to me about business. The Maison Jean Lapointe, which you founded, will have helped hundreds of people. You have marked the cultural and social history of Quebec. But more than anything, I have the feeling that I have lost a friend, a companion that I loved dearly. Thanks, John, for everything! – Riccardo Seguin.

Photo: Frederic Auclair / TVA

8. “In the films Orders and The Last Tunnel as well as in the miniseries Duplessis, Jean Lapointe moved us, touched us. Add his laughter, his songs and his battle with addictions. It’s called life! Rich and complete! My respects to the family.” – Patrice Roy.

Photo: Julien Faugere / TVA Pu

9. “My heart goes out to his family, friends and anyone like me who owes something invaluable to his work with people suffering from alcoholism and addictions. Thanks Jan and congratulations! I laugh to tears. – Eric Remi.

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