3 zodiac signs will soon encounter personal difficulties: they will be disappointed


This week will be challenging for some zodiac signs as they experience the effects of Mars retrograde in Gemini. Indeed, the planet of action is in slow motion from October 30 to January 12, 2023.

Opposing Mercury in Sagittarius through December 6, communication won’t be as smooth as usual and these signs could end some relationships. Find out the signs who will experience personal difficulties this week.

Which Zodiac Signs Will Have Personal Difficulties?

Communication is key so that a friendly, romantic or family relationship is well maintained. But with Mars retrograde in Gemini, some zodiac signs may feel misunderstood and experience emotional frustration.



The sign of Libra. Source: spm

Mars retrograde in Gemini opposite Mercury in Sagittarius sparks communication in Libra. These planets are accompanied by Venus in Sagittarius from November 16th and will push the signs of the zodiac to meet new people. This is the case with Libra representatives who will be largely influenced by their ruling planet. With Mars retrograde in Gemini, Librans will feel freer than ever but will find it hard to stay focus on one thing at a time. In addition, they will encounter communication problems with loved ones, which will destabilize the representatives of this air sign. In love, Libras will also find it difficult to communicate with their partner. Quarrels can erupt if they don’t resolve the misunderstandings with the person who shares their life. Libras are advised to devote more time to their partner and to avoid routine settling in their couple.


The sign of Scorpio

The sign of Scorpio. Source: spm

Scorpios may struggle this week with Mars slowing down in Gemini. Indeed, when the planet of retrograde action in Gemini, it can encourage signs to take more liberties and look to new experiences. This investment can also encourage the representatives of Scorpio incur important expenses and this could cause quarrels and misunderstandings on the part of the partner. Also, now is not the time to overspend like Scorpios have already done encounter Financial problems in the past. This week will be complicated for the Scorpions who won’t know who to turn to to confide in; they will feel misunderstood. To make up for it, they’ll want to give their partner extravagant gifts to impress them, but they’ll realize that love can’t be bought.



The sign of Aquarius. Source: spm

Aquarians will experience some conflicts with their loved ones during this week. They can relive past quarrels with some family members. They will feel alone, misunderstood and longing away from their family circle. This period will be very complicated for Aquarius as the end of year celebrations are fast approaching. Representatives of this air sign will have to make some changes in their lives and find a new balance. They will also have a hard time communicate your needs to their partners, which risks amplifying misunderstandings. Aquarians would rather go out and have fun with their friends than deal with their personal problems. This behavior could create tension in their relationship, which can have detrimental consequences for the duration of their union.. With their thirst for freedom, Aquarians will not be able to focus on the more important things and will continue to remain in this situation of total imbalance. They will have to show maturity to resolve these conflicts and move towards a more stable life.

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