Ziraat Halkbank and Garanti have reached an agreement for 100,000 TL per retiree!


A special TL 100,000 loan campaign has started for retirees. How to apply for a loan of up to 100 thousand TL for retirees? In our article we would like to give you information about this loan campaign, which is given to retirees. If you are retired, you can quickly apply for a loan of up to 100,000 TL. Now, let’s give you information on which banks you can get a retirement loan quickly. These loans can only be used by retired people who receive the pension from the bank they will apply for.

pension loan Customers who want to use the bank can take advantage of consumer loans up to 100,000 TL from banks if they meet certain conditions. If you want to get a retirement loan, you can use a 36 month retirement loan with the loan applications you will make through the banks we will give. If you want to use a retirement loan, you have to meet some conditions. It will be important in these banks that you do not have debt of execution and attorney. In addition, there is an obligation to either receive the pension from the bank you are applying for or to bring your salary here. If you meet these conditions, you can apply for a loan.

Ziraat Bank withdraws the application for a special consumer loan

It is possible to apply for a specific consumer loan for retirees through Ziraat Bank. We can say that the people who will apply for a loan can use loans with low interest rates if they receive their pension through Ziraat Bank. If you receive your pension through Ziraat Bank, you can quickly apply for a loan. Ziraat Bank also offers 36-month maturity and 3-month deferral opportunities in these consumer loan campaigns, which are specifically granted to retirees.

In the loans you will use up to TL 100,000, the bank will also want to close the loan debts in the other bank. This way, you will provide ease of payment to a single bank. If your pension is not in this bank, Ziraat Bank will provide you with a loan opportunity even if you cannot get approval because your credit rating is low after bringing in your salary.

Guaranti Bank pension loan 100,000 TL

If you want to use a pension loan through Garanti Bank, you must meet some conditions. The bank will want retirees not to have a foreclosure situation even if their credit rating is low. We can say that the people who apply for a loan will receive their loans on the same day if they meet the conditions.

You can apply for a loan by going to the branches of Garanti Bank. Garanti Bank offers loans to retirees with a maturity of 36 months. If you wish to use these loans with low interest rates, Garanti Bank carries out special loan campaigns for you. You can also apply for a credit card with a loan from this bank.

Halkbank pension loan 100,000 TL

One of the banks suitable for retirees is Halkbank. If you want to use a pension loan through Halkbank, you can go to the bank branches and say that you want to transfer your salary to this bank. This way you can apply for a loan quickly. If you are approved after applying for a loan, you will use the loan within the same day. Customers who do not receive a salary from the bank can use a loan from this bank when they receive the first salary after bringing the salary. You can also postpone the payment of the first installment of the TL 100,000 loans with a maturity of 36 months.


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