You have to do it by July 10!


It affects everyone who receives an invoice to their address. Announcement for citizens who pay their monthly bills. According to the announcement, points up to 150 TL will be awarded to those who issue invoice payment orders between 11 June and 10 July 2022. 70 TL is given for 4 new instructions.

Yapı Kredi Bank made an announcement for its customers paying their bills. According to the bank statement, points up to TL 150 will be awarded to those who issue invoice payment orders until July 10, 2022. In the statement made on the subject, “For the first new automatic invoice payment or HGS order you will give between ‘June 11 and July 10, 2022, 10 TL, maximum TL 100 points will be given away! Plus, for every new order you place with your credit card, you earn an extra 10 TL and a total of 50 TL extra points! ” expressions were used

Campaign conditions:

Between 11 June and 10 July 2022, our clients will pay from their individual TL sight deposit account or their individual or World Business credit card; They will be able to earn 10 TL for the first new automatic payment of the invoice or HGS order, 25 TL for 2 new orders, 45 TL for 3 new orders, 70 TL for 4 new orders and 100 TL for 5 new orders.

For each new automatic payment order you place on your credit cards as part of the campaign, you will earn an extra 10 TL and a total of 50 TL extra points.

To participate in the campaign; After writing INSTRUCTIONS and leaving a space, the 11-digit TR ID number must be sent to 4470 via SMS.

Applications sent from mobile phones not registered in our system will not be taken into consideration.

The campaign is valid only for the invoice and HGS instructions that you will define. If previously defined orders are canceled and reissued, they will not be included in the campaign.

For each instruction given during the campaign, between 11 June and 10 August 2022, the relevant invoice / invoice must be paid automatically at least once.

For each instruction given during the campaign, the instruction must be valid for 6 months after the campaign end date.

Points earned as part of the campaign will be credited to your credit or debit card on August 15, 2022. It can take up to 2 business days for scores to be credited.
To be awarded, the customer must have at least 1 credit or debit card available on the award date.

If an automatic payment order is issued more than once for the same subscriber number, only one of these instructions will be rewarded.

If automatic invoice payment orders canceled up to six months before the campaign period are returned during the campaign period, no rewards will be awarded.

If the bill payment or HGS orders, which are instructed on behalf of the first degree relative up to six months prior to the campaign period, are canceled and re-instructed, no reward will be awarded.

In the event of a change of operator as part of the number portability application in the instructions provided for the mobile bill and a new instruction, the customer will be rewarded for the last instruction only.

As part of the campaign, only mobile phones, natural gas, electricity, water, Internet and HGS instructions will be awarded.

As part of the campaign, Hızcep’s instructions will not be rewarded.

To participate in the campaign with a World Business card, the customer number of the company must be sent via SMS to 4470 after typing INSTRUCTIONS and leaving a space.
A customer can benefit from the campaign once and can win a prize of 150 TL at most.

The cost of sending SMS is 0,85 TL for Turkcell numbers, 1 TL for Türk Telekom numbers and 0,65 TL for Vodafone numbers.

This campaign cannot be combined with other personalized offers.

Points awarded for instructions that do not meet these conditions will be withdrawn by the customer at the end of the 6th month following the campaign end date.

Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş. has the authority to stop the campaign and / or change the conditions of the campaign at any time.

Your personal data will be processed by Yapi ve Kredi Bankası A. For detailed information on the processing of your personal data, you can read the clarification text on the processing of personal data of Yapı ve Kredi Bankası customers.


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