With ATOM, he will extract 100 tons of gold from under the pillow in 4.5 months


Ahmet Ahlatcı, President of Ahlatcı Holding, based in Çorum, called the formula they developed to shift citizens’ gold savings, defined “under the pillow”, to the wheels of the economy:

Gold Saving Generation Model (ATOM) …

Ahmet Ahlatcı, the owner of Ahlatcı Metal Rafinerileri A.Ş., one of the leading gold refineries in Turkey, together with his sons Ahmet Emin Ahlatcı, deputy chairman of the board of directors of Ahlatcı Holding, and Ateş Ahlatcı, member of the board of directors , talk about “ATOM” in Istanbul, held a chat meeting.

Ahmet Ahlatcı revealed for the first time that there are 7 thousand tons of gold under the pillow in our country:

In the report released by the World Gold Council in January 2015, it was stated that there are 3,500 tons of gold in the hands of Turkish citizens.

In the report drawn up by the Ministry of Finance, based on the year 1985, about 10 years ago, it was pointed out that the amount of gold under the pillow in Turkey was 3,500 tons, based on the calculation made taking into account the import, export data and on production.

· The report of the Ministry of Finance began with the year 1985, ie as “zero”. Therefore, the citizen gold accumulated up to 1985 was not taken into account.

In this case, we are of the opinion that the amount of gold held by citizens at home and in bank vaults is 7,000 tons, taking into account the period prior to 1985.

He reinforced this account with the following example:

– To find safe deposit boxes in banks it is necessary. Banks are carrying out operations to expand the existing areas in order to increase the number of safe deposit boxes.

He made the following observation:

– There have been some studies in our country for 10-12 years to bring gold under the pillow in the financial system. However, these studies did not produce the expected results. The gold that could be collected annually did not exceed 100 kilos.

Then, he began to explain the work system of ATOM, which was framed by the decisions of the Ministry of the Treasury and Finance and the press releases of the Banking Regulatory and Supervision Agency (BDDK), and put in place with the stipulated agreement. with the Central Bank.

In describing the system, he initially raised the theme of “milyem” (expressing the purity of gold as a thousandth):

– For example, 22-karat jewelry produced by the Mint has been counted to this day by jewelers as 0.907 milliem. We will count 0.916 mil. That is, the difference of 9 grams under 1 kilogram will remain with the citizen. In the current system, the jeweler and the refinery would share the difference of 9 grams. We have removed it.

So he moved on to how the system would work:

· When the citizen brings 1 kilo of gold to the jeweler authorized by us, it will be received as 1 kilo, not 980 grams. The citizen will have 20 grams of profit in this phase.

When the jeweler enters the system, an account in Ziraat, Vakıf, Halkbank, Ziraat Participation or Vakıf Katılım will automatically be opened for the citizen.

When the account is opened, the Central Bank will add 30 grams per kilogram to the citizen’s gold. Thus, the citizen’s gold will increase to 1030 grams.

The bank will charge 17.5% interest on the TL value of the gold for a 1 year maturity.

A year later, the citizen will receive both his interest income and his gold, which has risen to 1030 grams.

· The gold that the citizen donates to the jeweler will go in a few minutes to the Central Bank through the banks. The Central Bank’s gold reserves will increase.

Ahmet Ahlatcı said they expect citizens to show their interest in this model:

– We think that in the remainder of this year, ie in 4.5 months, about 100 tons of gold can enter the system under the pillow.

Ahmet Ahlatcı reported that he has authorized 200 jewelers across Turkey for now:

– The number of jewelers that we will authorize within 2 years can increase to 1000. Currently, 3 public banks and two publicly owned banks are included in the system. The number of banks can also increase over time.

Is the power of Ahlatcı’s “ATOM” enough to lure gold under the pillow into the financial system?

1 kilo of gold earns 219 thousand lire in a year

Ahmet Ahlatcı, Chairman of the Board of AHLATCI Holding, made the following calculation on yesterday’s gold prices on the ATOM model:

· When the citizen brings 1 kilo of gold to the jeweler to be transferred to the Central Bank, he receives 1 million and 44 thousand lire.

· The Central Bank adds 30 grams to the citizen’s gold. Send 31 thousand lire to the citizen’s account.

In other words, the citizen’s money has risen in his account to 1 million and 75 thousand lire.

· The bank therefore reflects an interest or dividend of 17.5 percent for one year. They are 188,000 lire.

The citizen’s money is 1 million and 263 thousand lire at the end of the term.

Ahlatcı also exemplified the situation of the decrease in the price of gold:

For example, if the price of gold falls and the price of a kilo falls to 935 thousand lire, the system protects the citizen.

In this case, 350 grams are added to the citizen’s 1 kilo of gold. 1 kilo comes to 350 grams.

In other words, if the price of gold falls, the citizen does not suffer any losses.

South Korea brought 227 tons of gold into the financial system in 2 months

Ahmet Ahlatcı, Chairman of the Board of AHLATCI Holding, recalled the example of South Korea describing the “Gold Savings Generation Model” (ATOM):

– After the 1997 Asian crisis, 227 tons of gold were brought into the financial system in 2 months with South Korea’s gold-gathering activity in 1998.

Ahlatcı pointed out that South Korea has lured gold under the pillow into the financial system with an ATOM-like pattern:

– South Korea’s campaign lasted in 1998-2001. With gold under the cushion entering the financial system, the government had a chance to pay off its debt to the IMF 2 years early.

Our gold exports in 6 months reached $ 2.5 billion

Ahmet Ahlatcı, Chairman of the Board of AHLATCI Holding, said he is the industry leader in gold exports:

– In the first 6 months of this year, our gold exports reached $ 2.5 billion.

He noted that they exported to 32 countries, including the United States:

– We aim to complete this year with $ 5 billion worth of gold exports.


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