Who wants to double their money! The bank with the highest interest rate in 32 days has changed


One of most people’s preferred investment methods is an escrow account. In bank accounts opened for deposit within a certain time, it increases according to the interest rate determined by the bank. It is one of the safest investment accounts for earning fixed interest rate returns. The maturity is determined by the customers and your savings are guaranteed to continue to generate income with attractive interest rates throughout the maturity period. Based on the client’s request, a TL term account is selected which can be opened with a maturity of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. Term accounts are considered fast, secure, and flat rate income.

When the deadline expires, you can immediately withdraw the interest earned or keep it in your account. If you do not close your account upon expiration and provide no further instructions, your account will continue to earn interest by renewing your account at the first selected term and at a special interest rate within that period.

What are the types of term deposits?

Forward TL account, foreign currency or gold; It is one of the most preferred ways to save on the time deposit account; There are TL, Dollar, Euro and Gold account options. Interest income consists of money deposited in TL escrow accounts and foreign currency escrow accounts. However, cash accounts are opened in grams and interest income is in grams of gold.

forward account; A time deposit account that can be opened via the Internet and mobile banking is known as an electronic time deposit account. Some banks offer higher interest rates on term deposits opened via internet banking.

dowry account; Long-term savings are targeted towards the dowry account, which is a government-backed time deposit account. When the specified conditions are met and interest income accrued, the state contribution is added.
Welcome deposit account; The welcome escrow account offered by banks to customers opening a savings account for the first time is an account with a higher than normal interest rate.

Savings account; A term deposit account called a savings account has a period of one day. Your investment is traded on a daily basis, allowing you to earn interest every day.

What is withholding on an hour account?

Withholding is the deduction from the escrow account. It is the deduction made from interest income as part of the amount deposited on the escrow account. This withholding can be considered a tax paid to the government. Depending on the length of the due date, the withholding tax varies. It is usually handled in terms of quantity. After making this deduction, the amount is clearly visible on the person’s bank account and the person allows him to withdraw from his account at the end of the due date.

How to calculate the interest on the 2022 deposit?

Daily Interest Allowance: (Main / 100) X (Interest Rate / 365) X Day Count.
Monthly Interest Allowance: (Main / 100) X (Interest Rate / 12) X Month Count.
Deduction for interest during the year: (Main / 100) X (Interest rate) X Year count.

Banks that pay the highest interest;

Type of bank Interest rate
ITA 19.00%
Banca d’Odea 18.25%
Alternative Bank 20.50%
Denizbank 18.50%
Fibabanka 20.00%
Akbank 18.25% 17.50%
Turkish bank 20.50%
ICBC 19.00%
Yapi Kredi 16.50%
Vakifbank 17.00%
HSBC 18.50%
Isbank 14.55%
Banca Ziraat 14.50%
Halkbank 14.25%
Banca Burgan 19.75%
BBVA guarantee 15.50%
Turkish Albaraka 14.34%
Participation in the Foundation 14.43%
Ziraat stake 14.58 percent
Financials of Turkey 15.09%
Turkish Kuveyt 14, 35%
QNB Financial Bank 17%, 50%

With the explanation made on the interest rates provided, citizens can evaluate the loan opportunity that is most congenial to them. And it is in the way of the banks. Let’s see how interest rates will change for 2022 in the next year.


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