Who is thinking of buying a used car, beware. Will the used car market rise or fall? Used car to buy or sell


With the month of June there were some increases in the used car sector. In general, the most favorite cars were determined. In the used market throughout the clean, hits like Volkswagen and Renault have been among the most favorite models in recent months, while Fiat has followed suit. While we come across many vehicles as models, especially the light commercial models have been very much preferred. Here are the most preferred models;

While there has been stagnant activity in the used car market, especially for 3 months, the activity has increased significantly in recent times. With the current exchange rate and other costs, there has been a sharp rise in car prices. At that point, the 2-handed car list was announced, which is a topic that intrigues many, and in June the most favorite vehicles were announced. If the data is analyzed based on the analysis obtained, light commercial and passenger vehicles are very preferred in the field of used cars in our country. According to research, 188,764 ads have been removed and accepted as sold. With April in progress there was an average decrease of 1.4, but with the arrival of June an increase of 67% was obtained, while at the same time the 3-year average and an increase was taken as a basis. total of 29% was observed. In the past month, while the rate of passenger cars in online sales was 82%, it was rated as light vehicles, i.e. vehicles.

Best-selling brands

The second-hand car market recorded high sales, especially in June. Volkswagen for the first time broke the record as the most preferred passenger car and light commercial vehicle brand. 27,540 sales were made. So Renault continued its success with 23,464 sales. The price came after them with 20,613 vehicles. In line with the information obtained, 18,881 Ford and 9,795 Opel units were sold. As a result of this situation, 9126 Mercedes vehicles and 8,530 Peugeots were sold.

The least sold were 7267 Renault Clio, 6233 Fiat egea, 5,378 Ford Focus 4123 Polo and 3350 Renault Fluence. In the research group, on average, 10 models were frequently encountered. Therefore, the sales rate among small trees has exceeded 34%.

Fiat Doblo shows great success

In the second-hand light commercial vehicle market, 34,138 units were sold in the last month of May. Of the light commercial vehicles, 4905 Fiat Doblo units were sold. It was followed by Ford Transit and Toureo Corner with 4295 sales. Finally, Fiat Fiorino finished in 3rd place with 3921 sales. Again, within this category, 10 vehicle brands were taken as a basis and an increase of 74% was observed.

It became possible to talk about an average of 22 sales days in the month of May within the sales market of our country. The best-selling brand was Peugeot with 19 days. Similarly, the slowest vehicle brand was Mercedes-BMW with a sell speed of 29 days. According to information from indiaaca, which is recorded as a combination of artificial intelligence and one, according to the news obtained, the vehicle market across our country has been scanned and more than 450 thousand information on 2-handed vehicles has been corrected. As of June, there is still no information on what the current sales will be.


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