What is overengineering?


Today, science and technology make it easy to carry out advanced engineering studies. However, this is not always necessary. Let’s see with examples what can happen when the dose of engineering is exaggerated.

The engineering profession has been one of the most important professions for humans for centuries. Many opportunities we have today are the result of engineering studies. But sometimes engineers the end of the rope is missing They can take their work to a whole new level.

Translated into Turkish as “excessive engineering”overengineeringthe term “in its simplest form”excessive engineering We can also say.

So what is excess engineering?

While it is possible to make a product or service with much simpler methods, make it unnecessarily complicated and therefore the situation that results in an increase in the price, in the maintenance costs of the product or service and in making it difficult to use.

of an engineering product if it’s too much engineering We can decide by examining many factors such as the purpose of use, shape and duration.

The term overengineering is actually a qualification, not a technical evaluation.

So it can vary from situation to situation. A product or service normally has with the expected characteristics to much more If it is, we can say that it has been over-engineered.

Indeed, overengineering, which at first glance appears to have both positive and negative results. it often represents negative situations. Because everything that we can call an engineering marvel and all kinds of luxury consumer goods have actually undergone very intense engineering processes.

Today, various and complex buildings, airplanes, ships, computers and similar advanced devices are produced.

Therefore, the use of excessive engineering in positive situations can cause this term to lose meaning. However, in some sources, advanced product promotions a lot of effort was made It can be seen that this term is used to show

One of the industries that uses excess engineering in a negative way is one of the most software industry. When writing the programs required by programmers, they can sometimes go beyond the scope of the project, taking the initiative and thinking it will produce positive results, and sometimes overengineering. In fact, even if the basis of thinking is getting the best at times added extra Since many features will not be needed at all, it can make the project cost and terms of use difficult.

Now let’s move on with some real examples:

In 2020, the British car manufacturer Rolls Royce introduced its “Ghost” model with a new design.

Already one of the most luxurious cars of all time, this time the “Ghost” model had a design element beyond the ordinary. Extreme silence. The steel frame in the older generations is made of aluminum that transmits less noise, the use of insulation materials on doors and windows, the 220 lbs (99-100 kg) sound insulation material used on the roof, trunk and especially around the engine of the vehicle, completely inside this vehicle. he had made them abstract from the external environment.

Rolls Royce ghost

In this situation, the users caused discomfort rather than comfort. Not being able to hear sounds that may come from outside the cabin in a moving vehicle and hearing even the smallest sounds very clearly has caused many users to feel sick.

Realizing the situation as a result of the feedback, the engineers will balance the sounds entering the cabin. They opted for design changes. As a result, Ghost has come to deliver enough sound to its users to eliminate harmful rather than beneficial factors.

Also, the famous German tank during the Second World War Tiger 1 It is also described as over-engineering.

It is suggested that the reason for this is that it is very expensive and difficult to manufacture, as well as being very difficult to repair in the field when not functioning properly during the war. Although this tank is a very powerful tank that can cause great damage to the enemy, if it cannot be reused in a short time in case of malfunction during the war, it will destroy the army that owns the tank. can leave at any time.

Also, you can see many bottle openers, coat hangers, juice extractors, cup holders and similar designs.

excessive engineering

An engineer, whether commercial or hobby, may attempt to optimize a product for one or more purposes, regardless of the time and effort it will take. Although the resulting product does the job very efficiently, much less time, effort and wasted money We can say that this product has been over-engineered because it can do the same job in other products produced.

In summary, overengineering can be used in a positive sense to indicate that a lot of effort is spent on a product or service, but it can also be used in a negative sense. they contain qualities that are unnecessary and sometimes even harmful used in meaning.


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