We drank 10 billion lire of whiskey, Turkey entered the top 10 out of 80 countries


FRANCE Turkey, Middle East, North Africa General manager of Pernod Ricard, a global company based Selcuk Tumay, He reviewed the market situation on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company’s founding in Turkey:

  • Vodka: Average annual consumption grew by 5% in the 2017-2020 period.
  • Beer: In the 2017-2020 period, the beer market experienced zero growth.
  • Raki: In the period 2017-2020, there was an annual contraction of 8% in the raki market.
  • Whiskey: In the period 2017-2020, whiskey consumption increased by 15% per year.

Then he looked at the situation after the pandemic:

  • Vodka: An annual growth of 10% was observed in the period March 2020-March 2022.
  • Beer: In the period March 2020-March 2022, beer also started growing at an annual rate of 3%.
  • Raki: It returned to an annual growth of 16% in the period March 2020-March 2022.
  • Whiskey: An annual growth of 39% was achieved between March 2020 and March 2022.

He noted that alcohol consumption has shifted slightly in homes with the pandemic:

Compared to restaurants, bars and hotels, consumption at home is cheaper. Compared to some places, the cost of consumption at home is around a quarter. In addition, consumption at home also eliminates the risk of driving while intoxicated.

Selcuk Tumay and we met on the occasion of Pernod Ricard’s 20th anniversary in Turkey. He recalled that the SCT on alcoholic beverages increased by 50 percent in January 2022:

Prices have also increased with the excise duty. Raki consumption decreased again. The annual increase in whiskey has dropped to 7%.

He pointed out that the SCT on alcoholic beverages is reviewed every 6 months:

The SCT increase to be made in July was withdrawn in May. A 25% increase in SCT went into effect in May 2022. We will only begin to see the effects of this increase.

I recalled our conversation from June 2020:

– As of June 2020, the annual consumption of whiskey in Turkey was 10 million liters. Retail turnover was also around TL 3 billion. What’s the situation now?

He looked at the computer data in front of him and replied:

The annual consumption of whiskey in Turkey has reached 20 million liters. The retail turnover of this amount reached 10 billion lire. The revival of tourism has a significant impact and role in this increase.

He also revealed the raki data:

When Tekel’s alcoholic beverages division was privatized, the annual consumption of raki in Turkey was 44 million liters. Today it has dropped to 37 million liters. The retail turnover of raki is around 15 billion lire.

It also assessed alcohol consumption rates:

The share of whiskey in the Turkish alcoholic beverages market has increased to 9%. Beer dropped to 50 percent. There was also a drop in raki. The wine market also rose to 70-80 million liters.

Selcuk Tumay, When I mentioned that Pernod Ricard operates in 80 countries, I wondered what Turkey’s place was in the ranking, he shared:

Turkey entered the top 10.

Turkey is far from the risk of alcoholism with an annual consumption of 2.5-3 liters per person among adults.

However, the tax increase increases unregistered production, especially in raki. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a good fiscal balance in alcoholic beverages.

Also, steps are expected to increase exports of raki and wine …

There is a 240 Lira fee in a bottle

PERNOD Ricard General Manager Turkey, Middle East and North Africa Selcuk TumayI asked about Turkey’s place in the world in terms of its tax level on alcoholic beverages and it listed:

Sweden, Finland and Norway ranked first for alcoholic beverages, He is in the top 3. England and Turkey, Shares 4th and 5th place. In other words, it is possible for Turkey to overtake the UK and move up to 4th place.

He revealed his tax calculation on a whiskey with a street price of 600 pounds:

There is a 170 Lira SCT and a 70 Lira VAT on the whiskey in question. In other words, there is a total tax of 240 lire. With some additions, the tax rate exceeds 50 percent. The tax on raki is around 70 percent.

He underlined the point:

We pay the SCT in advance to get the flag. Bandroller is delivered after 1-2 months. This reflects a cost of financing for the sector.

Alexandre Ricard comes to Istanbul for the European meeting

PERNOD Ricard General Manager Turkey, Middle East and North Africa Selcuk Tumay, He said the meeting of the European leaders of the 11-person group takes place every 3 months:

This week we will hold the meeting in Istanbul.

He recalled that Pernod Ricard entered his 20th year in Turkey:

Pernod Ricard CEO and President Alexandre Ricard will be coming to Istanbul for 12 hours this week. He will also be attending our 20th anniversary event.

150 people work and invest 6 million euros per year

PERNOD Ricard General Manager Turkey, Middle East and North Africa Selcuk Tumay, He recalled the period 2004-2007:

Pernod Ricard had come to the point of completely leaving Turkey due to some difficulties experienced at that time. As a Turkish team, we convinced Pernod Ricard’s global management and made him stay.

Pernod Ricard stated that 150 people work in Turkey:

Also in marketing, our annual investment in Turkey reaches 6 million euros.

He pointed to the grocers:

In Turkey, 45,000 grocery stores serve as outlets for alcoholic beverages and cigarettes. Alcoholic beverages and cigarettes are the main source of income for these grocery stores.

There are those who go from Paris to Nusr’et to London

PERNOD Ricard General Manager Turkey, Middle East and North Africa Selcuk Tumay, During the conversation, he shared the following impression of Turkey’s prominent brands abroad:

A manager friend of ours at Pernod Ricard’s headquarters in Paris told his son, “What would you like for your birthday?” churches. Son, “Take me to Nusr’et in London for dinner” She said. So they went to London from Paris just to have dinner at Nusr’et.


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