Vodafone announced! Here is the news that will make Akbank and Vodafone employees smile


Akbank made an announcement to the citizens of the Vodafone line on its website. According to information received by Akbank, those who use Akbank Mobile for the first time with a special invitation code will earn 10 GB per month for 3 months. Vodafone offers the opportunity to receive your invitation code from the activity screen of the application next to me. As part of the campaign, customers of the Vodafone postpaid line and Akbank users who subscribe for the first time to Akbank Mobile can earn 10 GB per month for 3 months.

Akbank statement

When you begin the process of becoming an Akbank member, you can join the campaign by entering the one-time invitation code that appears in the My Vodafone app on Akbank Mobile. Since you can see your code once, write it elsewhere when you receive it. The customer, who requests to become an Akbank Mobile customer with an invitation code, has the right to give GB again if the transaction is made by courier instead of Akbank Mobile or through a branch. To join, you need to click the “I want to be a customer” button on Akbank Mobile, enter a special one-time invitation code on the home page and complete the Akbank membership process. Those who own Akbank can benefit from the campaign for the first time through Akbank Mobile.

This campaign is valid only for applications made through Akbank Mobile. Not valid at Akbank branches. This offer can only be used once. To participate in this event, you must have a Vodafone postpaid line. The 10GB monthly gift, if awarded, will begin uploading the following month and will renew on the same day within 2 months of the download date.

Akbank mobile advantage

To become a member of Akbank from Mobile, simply download the Akbank Mobile application, click on the “I want to be a customer” button, enter the special invitation code that appears on the screen and follow the steps. Click to view details. Only Vodafone subscribers active on the postpaid line will benefit from the campaign. Lines that are bound, blocked, canceled or transferred to other operators cannot participate in the campaign. Being an Akbank Mobile customer is only valid for people under the age of 70. For this reason, customers who benefit from the campaign must be under 70 to earn 10 GB per month. Akbank TAŞ. Reserves the right to cease operations and change operating conditions.

Only postpaid Vodafone subscribers who have received a new activation or number portability in the last 30 days or have switched to postpaid Vodafone subscriptions in the last 30 days will be eligible for this package. The 10GB gift box will be available to new customers until April 30, 2023. This package is only valid within the specified rate range: under Compatible DK Bol 2022, Super Compatible 2022, Compatible DK Bol, Super + Compatible Package, customers can get 10GB of national internet usage valid for 30 days for free.

What are the conditions of the campaign?

Customers can access the package from the “Buy Additional Package” page of the Vodafone side application. The validity period of the package starts from the receipt of the confirmation SMS. Packages are not updated and cannot be stacked. A GSM number can only receive a packet once. There is only one active package in a GSM number. Content uploaded as part of the package is valid for 30 days. Unused content will be deleted after 30 days. After 30 days, customers receive a notification text message when the package is finished. 80-100 pieces of the package are calculated separately and sent by informative SMS. Packages cannot be deleted. If you switch to an invalid flat rate, the package will be canceled. If the customer brings a Vodafone number, switches to prepaid lines, blocks, cancels or closes the transaction, he loses his rights.

In terms of data usage, the data received and sent (download + upload) is subtracted from the packet limit. After the end of the package, the use of the package will be charged at your own expense. The package is valid only for the borders of Turkey. International data usage is charged at GPRS roaming rates. The usage rights established within the package are not transferable. 3G and 4G services will be automatically activated for users who purchase a plan. 3G and 4G services will not be disabled as long as the plan is used.


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