Ufuk Investment shares will be traded with a single price measure.



Istanbul stock exchange, volatile Horizon investment (#Horizon) announced that its shares were trading at a single price.

According to the statement released by BIST to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), HORIZON from the operations of 22/06/2022 (beginning of the session) to the operations of 21/07/2022 (end of the session) in the context of the Volatility Based Measures System (VBTS). single price transaction method will be exchanged with.

The measures currently implemented on the security and defined in the previous phases under the VBTS (prohibition of short selling and credit transactions, gross netting measures and package of orders) will continue during the measurement period of the single price transaction method. .

BIST’s statement regarding the injunction also included the following information:

The measures introduced under the VBTS are assessed separately from the transaction rules of the market / platform in which the share is traded, from the transaction principles applied for market changes or other reasons. Therefore, the VBTS measures continue to be implemented until the end of the measurement period, without prejudice to the validity of the principles of the operation implemented with other regulations or decisions. Due to the precautionary measure, market making activity is not carried out for securities traded with the continuous market maker method in the period in which the single price method is applied.

Pursuant to the decision of the CMB of 02/11/2021, İstanbul A.Ş. Until a second announcement is made on the stock markets, short selling is prohibited in stocks other than the BIST-50 index.

What is the Volatility Based Action System (VBTS)?

In accordance with the relevant decisions of the Capital Markets Board, the Volatility Based Precautionary System has been adopted in order to ensure fair and honest transactions on securities traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange and protect investors from the risks caused by excessive volatility. In this context, should the necessary conditions occur in the relevant portions, gradually and continuing to apply the previous level measure or measures by applying the next level measure;

one) First level measure “Short short sale and credit transaction ban” for 1 month

2) Second level “Gross Swap” measure for 1 month

3) Third level measure “Order package (Restriction of Market Order and Market to Limit Order Entry, Prohibition of Cancellation of Orders, Reduction of Order Quantity and Deterioration of Order Price and Restriction of Transmission of Order Collection Information)” for 1 month

4) Fourth level measure “Trading with the single price method” for 1 month

5) The fifth level measure “Restriction of Order Transmission Channels (Internet Order Ban)” is applied for a period of 1 month.

The precautionary decisions regarding the shares are announced on the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP).

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