Turkey’s largest Burger King branch opens in Diyarbakır


The 702a branch of Turkey’s largest fast food chain, Burger King, opens in Diyarbakır.

NEWS TIGERS – Opens in Diyarbakır with a service area of ​​1,500 sq m, a large and modern space, a playground for children, an open and free parking for 150 vehicles, a thousand sq m of landscaped area and a capacity to serve 750 people at the same time. Asım Tuncay, a businessman from Diyarbakır, is opening the largest Turkish branch of Burger King in Diyarbakır with some investor friends.

25 million TL of investment in Diyarbakır

TL 25 million was spent on the largest branch to be added to the Fast Food chain, which will open on 2 July, from Diyarbakır. The restaurant, which will employ 40 people and will open as Burger King’s 702nd branch, will be able to serve 750 people simultaneously. The company, designed with the aim of keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level with its free parking of 150 cars, impresses with its spacious environment among hundreds of branches in Turkey.

Having provided engineering services across Turkey in his 25 years of professional life, Diyarbakır businessman Tuncay will begin providing city services with a new management approach necessitated by the development and changing conditions of life and work.

Tuncay, who has been visible in the tourism management industry in the city for 10 years, says people cannot save enough time to eat due to the intense flow and pace of life, from the experience he has gained over his 25 years. of working life.

“We will be able to serve 750 people at the same time”

Stating that he is trying to bring a new understanding of Fast Food to the city with a concept compatible with Diyarbakır culture, Tuncay continued his words as follows: “I have decided to build a new restaurant worthy of Diyarbakır. In our location studies, we are opening Turkey’s largest, most beautiful and most special Burger King restaurant in an area near the city stadium on the Diyarbakır development axis, in an area that will include the city hospital, the regional directorate of highways, health institutions and private school areas. As the 702th branch of Turkey, we will serve our people.
If I had to list the qualities that distinguish us among 702 branches; We have the capacity to serve 750 people simultaneously with our free parking for approximately 150 vehicles on an area of ​​2 thousand square meters, our landscaped area of ​​1000 square meters and our service area of ​​approximately 1,500 square meters. What we like most is adding value to Diyarbakır’s values, as well as making a small contribution to the occupation of the city. We plan to increase our occupancy from 25 people to 40 people at the first opening in a short time ”.

“Sit down as much as you want, eat comfortably”

Stating that they will act with an understanding of management contrary to the perception against the culture of fast food and that they will appeal to everyone aged 7 to 70, as well as young people and children, Tuncay said: Contrary to the understanding of “, we will offer our people the convenience of “sitting as much as you like and eating comfortably”.

“The largest branch in Turkey opens on July 2”

Stating that they will open Turkey’s largest Burger King Branch on July 2 at 5pm, Tuncay said: “I would like to express that we will be happy to host all our people, lovers and friends, from 7 to 70, at our opening.”



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