Turkey’s decision from the global giant Amazon: we are permanent


The cards are also being redistributed in the Turkish e-commerce market, which has gained momentum with the pandemic. As the cake splits more and more with new players every day, the competition gets hotter and hotter. When one of the biggest players in the market announced that he would be ending operations in Turkey with a surprise decision, his eyes turned to other foreign players. Who can stay, who can escape this ruthless competition has begun. Amazon, which is one of the largest in the global e-commerce market and entered the Turkish market 4 years ago, is one of those who see the Turkish market as “permanent”. Richard Marriott, Amazon Turkey Country Manager, said he was “motivated” by the competitive environment and said: “We have a long-term strategy for Turkey. This year we are opening our first logistics center in Istanbul.”

Richard Marriott, Amazon Turkey Country Manager, Evening newspaperanswered his questions.

■ How is 2022 doing in terms of the e-commerce sector? Has the pace achieved in the last 2 years slowed down this year?

From the data released, it is clear that the growth trend in the volume of e-commerce in Turkey continues. According to Nielsen data, the growth rate of e-commerce reached 68% in the first half. Of course, the effect of the pandemic on this is great. The pandemic has increased the need for and interest in online retailing, and with the effect of staying at home, many people who have not actively used online retail before have had the opportunity to experience the convenience of online retailing. online shopping. However, what happens next is as important as this process. As we work to make growth sustainable, we need to encourage them to make life easier with these new habits.

■ Competition in the industry is fierce. As we have exited the market, we see some brands turning their sites into markets. Will the consumer benefit from this competitive environment?

At Amazon, we believe fair competition is very beneficial to both businesses and our customers. Thanks to competition, market prices stabilize, paving the way for customers to access quality products at cheaper prices. It also encourages service providers to improve their services. Of course, we follow competitive developments closely. However, our focus is always on our customers, not our competitors. This competitive environment motivates us to provide better service.


■ What is your view of the Turkish market like Amazon, is the Turkish market a long-term journey for you?

Like, we started our operations in Turkey about 4 years ago and we are very happy with our growth momentum during this period. This success in Turkey gives us the confidence to invest even more here. As part of this, we recently announced that we will be opening our first logistics center in Istanbul this year, which will help meet our growing customer demand. While the opening of our new logistics center is a big step for us, we believe there are still plenty of opportunities to improve our services. We also have a long-term strategy for Turkey. Our plans are always based on better serving our customers, increasing our products and providing fast and reliable delivery options. Over the next few years, we will be implementing projects that will enhance the customer experience and help our sales partners grow their businesses in Turkey.

■ The pandemic period was a time when SMEs rapidly digitized. Has Amazon introduced new SMEs to e-commerce around this time?

In this period of digital transformation in every field, SMEs have also shifted a greater share of their sales to the online environment. Over 50 percent of the products sold on Amazon worldwide are made by our 1.9 million sales partners, who are SMEs. Our sales partners show great interest in our Fulfillment by Amazon service, which we offer them to increase brand awareness and grow their business.


■ How did Amazon perform in the first half of the year?

We are happy to be in Turkey and to present many innovations to our customers in Turkey with the strength that we derive from our global experience. We still believe it is our first day in Turkey, we think we still have a lot of work to do. We never lost our excitement and motivation on the first day. As a result of this approach, I can easily say that even in the first half of the year we have shown a successful performance. The demands of our customers in Turkey continue to increase. We are particularly happy with the increased interest in the Prime membership. Formed on the basis of “unlimited fast and free delivery”, Prime serves over 200 million members worldwide. In Turkey, these services include fast, free delivery with same-day, next-day and two-day shipping options, regardless of the shopping cart amount. At the same time, you can have daily access to special offers from famous brands, benefit from great discounts and exclusive offers for members during the Prime Shopping Festival, unlimited access to award-winning movies and TV series, including Amazon Originals content with Prime Video, and Free games with Prime Gaming for only 7.90 TL per month. .


■ Do you have support that will allow Turkish SMEs to increase their e-exports?

We support e-export with BiTıklaEurope training courses, which we organize together with TOBB Boğaziçi University and PwC, which support Turkish SMEs and entrepreneurs in exporting to European Union countries via Amazon.


■ You held the Prime Shopping Festival in July. How did it go?

We held our Prime Shopping Festival, full of discounts and surprises, from 18 to 25 July. Our customers during the Prime Shopping Festival; benefited from discounts on hundreds of thousands of products in 28 different categories, from electronics to toys. To turn this week into a real festival, we have offered our customers not only the products and discounts of their dreams, but also the opportunity to live the experiences of their dreams. Amazon customers during the festival; Murat Dalkılıç, Vedat Milör, Pascal Nouma, Meryem Can had the chance to live unforgettable experiences with many famous names, to win gift products and Amazon gift certificates worth thousands of pounds, and our festival attracted great attention.


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