Togg will release a “digital product” before the national car


Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş released statements on the latest developments at Gemlik’s Togg factories and the car manufacturing process, which he describes as a “smart device”.

Noting that the first production vehicle will roll out of the sash in the last quarter of this year, once the Gemlik facilities are ready for series production, Karakaş said: “Hence, the process to meet the technical conditions (homologation) necessary to enter the market will begin. We are planning. ” he said.

Noting that work at the Gemlik plant continues as planned, Karakaş said: “After partial cell-based tests, the 208 robots in our body shop at our Gemlik plant have started to get ready for trial production. Paint shop, which is the cleanest in Europe, where the first unpainted tests were carried out on the bodywork of the C-SUV, the chemical filling phase was started. the last quarter of this year “. used phrases


Touching on the issue of charging stations, Karakaş said: “We have started our work on Togg’s fast and intelligent charging infrastructure. Before the departure of our first vehicles, we will have put into service 1,000 fast charging stations with 2,000 sockets. in more than 600 points in 81 provinces “. he said.

Gürcan Karakaş, regarding allegations that they will launch another technology product before the car, said: “We said that we have set our sights on making more than just an automobile from the start and have positioned Togg as a technology company whose field main of the business is mobility. It is too early to provide information on this topic. But before we launch our first smart device, the C-segment SUV, I can give you a clue that we are working on a digital product that will act as a mobile device . ” used phrases


Recalling some of Togg’s unforgettable memories in the 4th year of its foundation, Karakaş said:

“Every day we left behind on the way to our goal was equally unforgettable and precious to us. Obviously I have several memories. These include our ‘Journey to the New League’ event, which we held in Bilişim Vadisi on the 27th. December 2019 and our Gemlik facilities, where we are currently preparing for trial production, on July 18. I can count on the construction commencement ceremony we held in 2020, the first time we used our vehicle on the Istanbul track Park on October 29, 2021. In addition, earlier this year, we participated in the world’s largest consumer electronics event, the CES, making a sound in the world, using blockchain technology in the field for the first time in the world. As a brand, I can count on our cooperation agreement with Ava Labs, our successful winter test in Sweden in March 2022 and our access program. leration of mobility, which we recently completed to expand our start-up ecosystem, to which more than 850 entrepreneurs have applied. “


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