“TL 17.4 billion flew out of the nation’s pockets”


CHP Istanbul deputy Özgür Karabat shared on his social media account that the AKP has not given up on renting.

“The lines you will read now show a serious situation beyond how the country was plundered” Karabat said that in 2020, in the time of Abdülkadir Aksu, the leading name of the board of Vakıfbank, TL 17.4 billion came out of the pockets of citizens, along with “loans for losses and other credits”, “not – performing loans “and” loans with limited collection possibilities “.


Karabat’s explanations are as follows:

“1) The lines you will read now show a serious situation beyond how the country was plundered. You will see that the AKP does not give up the” rent “whatever happens, while the citizens need 3 cents.

2) First, let’s take a look at the Vakıfbank board of directors. Abdülkadir Aksu, Sadık Yakut, Adnan Ertem and Haydar Kemal Kurt have neither education nor experience in the banking sector. Ertem is also Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Security. Where did the money flow?

3) There is also the presidential adviser Cemil Ertem. In 2020, TL 3 million 869 thousand in attendance fees was paid to the board of directors. But the main profit is in subsistence allowances: exactly 33 million 413 thousand TL. It is the situation “Loot Hasan’s pastry”.

4) Like other state-owned enterprises, Vakıfbank has become the AKP employment office. Incompetent AKP members were assigned seats and tens of millions of lire were transferred to them. But their main job is to transfer billions of dollars!

5) In 2020, “loans and other receivables with a loss nature” became 14,579,514,000 TL. While “non-performing loans” amounted to 2,378,547,000 TL, “limited loans” reached 486,196,000 TL. In total, TL 17.4 billion flew out of this nation’s pockets.

6) Recall that Abdulkadir Aksu was the first place in the bank at that time. Whatever banking talent he has, Erdogan can’t give up on Aksu! Sure, Aksu knows who doesn’t pay the TL 17.4 billion loan. Who was the money transferred to with the credit umbrella?

7) In private banks, not these names, but by joining the board of directors, they are not even hired in any branch. But when it comes to AKPs, they don’t hesitate to loot public banks. Let’s look at the reports of the Court of Auditors, there is an exemplary part about Vakıfbank.

8) A tourism company from Antalya was rewarded with the decision of the board of directors of Vakıfbank. The company’s financial debt was restructured with a 3-year grace period and a 10-year low interest rate. Interest on arrears has not been charged. No credit restructuring fee was received.

9) The credit risks of the companies of this “group”, a customer of Vakıfbank, are determined. Risks of TL 2,578,202,247, TL 565,877,294, TL 17,329,938 and TL 5,400,000 respectively of 4 different accounts of this group were determined. But no action was taken.

10) The activities of the AKP administration of Vakıfbank are not finished. There is a company in Izmit. It deals with construction and motor vehicles. Has been on loan from Vakıfbank since 05.09.2016. SAI notes that this company is failing its loans. But the faucet flows.

11) The credit limit of TL 247.2 million of this Izmit based company, which does not make payments correctly, was increased to TL 450 million by the decision of the board of Vakıfbank on 10.10.2019! Which politicians are they related to?

12) The state, which has initiated the execution for the KYK debt and interest to young people, distributes billions of lire of loans free of charge through the Vakıfbank to its supporters. Nobody should think that he will not be held responsible! “



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