Those who pay their electricity bill will receive a gift of 1500 TL


According to the new announcement by Yapı Kredi Bank, 150 TL points will be given as a gift to those who give automatic payment orders for electricity bills from the bank. According to the statement released by the bank, it was announced that 10 to 150 TL points will be provided in the instructions of HGS.

Detailed campaign details and conditions

Yapı Kredi Bank, on 11 June – 10 July 2022, issued payment instructions to its customers from their sight deposit accounts or World Business cards, in the first payment orders with order HGS 10 TL for 2 new orders 25 TL for 3 new orders 45 TL for 4 orders 70 TL for 5 orders 150 points that can win. Customers participating in the campaign can participate in the campaign by typing INSTRUCTIONS and sending their TC number to 4470 via SMS after the gap.

Cell phone entries registered in the system will be taken into account. It has been announced that unsubscribed customers will not be included in the campaign for the application. During the campaign, the invoices you pay will have to be paid automatically between 11 June and 10 June. The instructions must be valid for the last 6 months after the end of the campaign. Points earned during the campaign will be reflected on your card as points on August 15th, but it will take 2 business days.

How is gratification achieved?

To qualify for the award, the customer must have an open credit or debit card in use. When multiple people place a payout order in the same subscriptions, one person will win the prize from this award. Invoice orders canceled 6 months earlier during the campaign period will not have a chance to win rewards again during the campaign period.

Does the premium benefit from the change of operator?

When an order is placed for the invoice on mobile phones, the customer is entitled to a premium based on the last order, when the order is placed after the operator changes the number. During the campaign, natural gas, internet, cell phone, water, HGS instructions will be assigned. It is reported that the quick pocket instructions, which are important to the campaign, will not win prizes.

Customers who participate in the campaign with World Business card must write INSTRUCTIONS via message, leave a space and send it to customer number 4470 as an SMS. Customers benefit from the campaign only once. The prize that will win will be able to win a prize of 150 TL maximum. As the SMS sending rate, Türkcell 0,85 TL Telecom lines will pay 1 TL and Vodafone lines will pay 0,65 TL.
As this is a custom campaign, it cannot be combined with other campaigns. For customers who do not comply with the conditions, the points are withdrawn by the customer 6 months after the end of the campaign. Yapı Kredi Bank reserves the right to change or discontinue any conditions relating to the campaign at any time.

How to order automatically?

You can pay your bills by making same-day payments in the bank’s instructions for automatic payments. In order not to have problems with payments, it is useful to check the balance on the dates indicated to see if it is sufficient. When you create your checking account, no transaction fees are charged for payment orders.

In automatic payments, the automatic order will be used when there is a sufficient amount in the balance of the account that the order was given, but if the balance is insufficient, it is seen that the flexible balance is used.
If your Automatic Payment Instruction account has a flexible account limit, in case the available balance is insufficient, your Automatic Payment Instruction invoice can be paid using your flexible account balance. You can take advantage of the opportunity to pay your bills on time by giving an easy automatic payment order without following the invoice.

In addition, you can benefit from data points from the bank and benefit from rewards of up to 150 TL. You can also pay for automatic invoice tracking, which is very convenient, by giving instructions and doing it from your home without going to pay your bill. With the automatic payment order, which offers a great advantage, you can easily pay your bills without worrying about the deadline. In this way, the thought of having paid the bills disappears and you can benefit from the advantage of the points.


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