Those who have an emergency liquidity crisis, beware! Low-interest cash campaign has started in 2 banks – you can get 50 thousand TL


Due to economic conditions, people’s expenses are increasing day by day. In addition to the cost of living, the ever-increasing costs are putting citizens to the test. In this case, there is an urgent need for cash. An announcement came today from two banks for citizens with a liquidity crisis. Ziraat Bank and Denizbank provide 50,000 TL of low-interest cash to those in urgent need of cash. The application conditions have also been determined, no additional conditions or guarantees are required. Those who are curious about the banks’ subsidized lending campaigns are in our news …

Those who have an emergency liquidity crisis, beware! Low-interest cash campaign started in 2 banks – you can get 50 thousand TL.

As the cost of living and economic conditions become more difficult every day, citizens’ need for cash increases. There is good news from two banks, especially for those who want to buy a house, buy a car or think about school expenses. Ziraat Bank and Denizbank have launched a low-interest loan campaign for those who need urgent cash but don’t want to pay high interest to banks. It is also given for free. All you have to do is go to one of the bank branches with your TR ID card and complete the application process. Especially for those who want to pay off their debts and lead a more comfortable life during the economic crisis, these banks’ low-interest consumer lending campaigns seem to be very attractive. Here are the details and application conditions of the subsidized loan campaign provided by Denizbank and Ziraat Bank …


Ziraat Bank, one of the most established banks in Turkey, continues to provide a cure for all kinds of citizens’ problems. Ziraat Bank, which has offered special options to its clients with many advantageous loan packages, has also set new loan interest rates for September. You can use both personal needs and vehicle and housing loans from Ziraat Bank at low interest rates. Ziraat Bank, which offers 36-month maturity options for your needs in the village up to 50,000 TL, has also set the interest rate at 1.79. Ziraat Bank also has higher limit vehicle and home loan campaigns in addition to consumer loans.

If you want to use a housing or vehicle loan up to TL 100,000, you can get a 24-month loan from Ziraat Bank. Ziraat Bank interest rates for vehicle and home loans are determined at 1.69. However, as it exceeds 50,000 TL, the expiration number decreases. In addition, Ziraat Bank offers unconditional and free loan packages without a guarantor.


Denizbank, one of the private banks, continues to serve citizens with free lending campaigns. Interest rates are also extremely low in DenizBank’s free loan campaign and we recommend people looking for low interest loans to look at DenizBank’s loan packages. Denizbank charges an interest rate of 1.79 per TL 50,000 with maturity options of up to 36 months. DenizBank loan applications can be made via mobile banking, internet banking and ATMs. At the same time, if you wish, you can go to the Deniz Bank branches and complete the loan application procedure.

DenizBank also has consumer loan packages of up to TL 100,000. However, the expiration number is 24 or down. If you want to use consumer loans up to 100,000 TL, you can benefit from DenizBank’s campaign with a 24-month maturity of 2.19%.


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