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After the epidemic, the rapid increase in international oil prices abroad, the prices of foreign currencies in the country have changed all calculations.

Today in oil and foreign currency The unstoppable rise in prices, the problem of not being able to manage the markets, the public and private sectors caught unprepared, all together, has emerged as a huge global problem.

It also changed the balance.

Would you say there was balance before?

Yes, there was no balance before, but we got used to it because the state of imbalance turned into balance and we could see ahead. Now we can’t see ahead.

This is the biggest problem.

This is a big deal for all of us. inflation, cost of living and uncertainty reflex like

Today liquid fuel, money and energy While price increases in the camps were reflected in products and services, the opportunistic mentality was also revived in extraordinary times.

In calculating the cost increase, everyone, from the marketer to the market, from the intermediary to public and private companies, makes an increase of 2 lire instead of 1 lire. today vin every product and service that the ancestor receives Prices are now hormonal.

“I can’t see ahead” says he raises according to his head.

Maybe 50 percent of the money we pay for a product or service I can’t see in front of me, price increases just in case.

From the garden to the citizens’ table, who is in the middle?

From the producer to the grocery store, prices are coming in like hormone-based foods. skewered.

Price difference on the apple producer market in June to 600 percent approaching, the price difference for 9 products was over 200 percent.

By the time we got to our house, the price of apples had gone up by 598%. So the farmer collected from his garden He sold the apple to the intermediary for 2 lire.

When that apple reaches the citizen from the hands of the intermediary, the merchant, the wholesaler, the state and anyone else, the priceThe 13 lire became 96 kuruş.

Each person who bought the apple put more than 2 lire on it, which the producer received.

Moreover producer Reflecting all the cost increases such as diesel, medicines and labor, they put a price of 2 lire on the product they sell, while those other than the manufacturer put 2 times the price of the product they buy almost at no cost.

This unfair and dirty risementalityThe price difference, which is 598% in apples, is 281.9% in green lentils, 256.2% in parsley, 249.8% in spinach, 237.2% in dry beans, 223.4% in dried figs, 223.4% in lettuce, 221% in carrots and 221 percent in apples. Salt up to.

Dirt from agents’ hands2 lire apple 13 lire for 96 cents, 8 lire of green lentils for 31 lire for 24 cents, 1 lira of parsley for 3 lire for 74 cents, 4 lire for 13 lire for 99 cents, 7 lire for 94 kurus dry beans for 26 lire for 77 cents, 32 lire for dried figs for 103 lire for 48 cents, it costs 2 lire of lettuce for 6 lire, 88 cents, and 3 lire of carrots for 9 lire, 63 cents.

The only reason for product price changes are intermediaries. dirty hands not causing a price change natural causes there is also.

Increased prices of black pepper, cucumber, zucchini and eggplant Switching from greenhouse crops to open field crops Due to the fact that it was a period of time, the decrease in the supply of products was caused.

lemon Continued supply of bed lemons from warehouses to the market and rising warehouse costs have pushed prices up.

In spinach, parsley and green onions The decrease in the amount of crop harvested due to the warming of the climate is reflected in the price.

Red lentils The price is for the new season and the decrease in supply is reflected in the price.

In tomatoes, carrots, strawberries and potatoes The oversupply was effective in falling prices.

As the climate warms, the increased supply of field products to the market will have a positive impact on consumer prices in the coming period.

We will wait for the time to go up a bit to bring down the skyrocketing prices.

Will the prices go down?


Even if oil and foreign exchange are not going up, I don’t see the prices going up. keep on.

Earning more money than the farmer by placing himself between the producer and the citizen Excess prices in today’s prices of products and services are the dirt of the hands of intermediaries.

If we clean up this filth and set up a system where I can only take the product from the manufacturer’s hand, both the manufacturer and the citizen will win.

When these intermediaries are removed, the number of producers and citizens will increase, as the winner will be the producer and the citizen.

Who will clean the dirty hands that stand between us and the apple?



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