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Skoda, which has been on the move for the past few years, appears to be keeping an eye on the market shares of luxury brands, in particular. Skoda, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, which doubles the features it already has in every new model it launches, is not satisfied with the transfers it makes from its sub-brands and creates a new image by creating its own unique design line. So what’s Skoda’s new favorite, the fourth generation Octavia, what is it? all the details are here


Although Skoda has been a brand that has been present in our country for a long time, this interesting brand has not really attracted attention. However, this brand has always resembled a user who is at peace with the useful solutions it offers, both in preventing scratches with the mechanics of its doors and in making the small details it has to smile.



When we look at the second generation model of the Skoda Octavia, this car didn’t attract much attention, it got lost in the industry. Even now, when you look back, people say, ‘What a bad car these guys built,’ so it didn’t happen. Although he had many attractive things, in that generation he had lost the type and had become the beloved little brother.



This guy, who has improved in his type by his third generation, is now acne free and has a look that won’t make you mad when you look at him. Those interesting features, which are also found in previous models, have increased exponentially. People of our country also love such beautiful details, but they also love the fragmentation of things. I have good news for those who love to shred, this car received 5/5 stars in Euro NCAP crash tests in 2013, providing 93% protection for adults and 86% protection for children.



The generation that came out in 2019 happened. They made this car. That tiny, smiling, modest-looking baby air he had is gone from this car. This vehicle, which has become the popular school kid, is one to look back on when you see the aggressive lines it has. While this brand, which is part of the German giant Volkswagen, makes such beautiful designs, on the other hand, BMW wonders how we can make these designs uglier, if this interior design will last another 50 years, in this industry, it is It is necessary to know the value of the drawings you are dealing with.

Skoda appears to have nailed solid wood with its 2019 fourth generation Octavia. From the interior design to the exterior design, its technological elements and the options it offers, this car can offer you more than you expect in the C segment. , which does not come with all packages in our country, has four-wheel drive and 200 horsepower options, while the 150 horsepower 1.5 TSI version is generally common in our country.



When you look at Octavia’s hardware catalog, you see a world standard option, especially in the security packages section. When it comes to design, it now offers LED headlights, which have become standard today, as standard and these LED headlights offer dynamic signal characteristics in all other packages except the lower package. In fact, they’ve filled the car with whatever it is, but if you can’t be satisfied with these, you can add fun to your entertainment thanks to the exhaust outlets and RS designs in the RS package.



This front-wheel drive car has a turning radius of 11.1 meters and is 4.6 meters long and 1.8 meters wide. This car, which has a relatively longer trunk by combining the trunk lid with the rear window, has a trunk volume of 600 liters and, with this value, winks at the trunk volume of 586 liters of the Volkswagen Passat Sedan model.



Okay, you have explained it well, but for those who ask why we should buy this car, I find it appropriate to ask the question of what your expectations are from a car. Speaking for me as a car lover, I love the design, performance and aggression in a car and unlike the new BMW models that try to make it look like a truck, I feel real aggression in this car. This car, whose interior design is already very elegant, can make you feel special when you sit in the passenger compartment, to emphasize, can make you feel special inside a C-segment sedan.



Volvo’s S60 model, which is the first brand that comes to mind when it comes to safety, provided 96% protection in adult protection, 84% in child protection and 74% in pedestrian protection in the Euro NCAP test conducted in 2018. In the protections carried with its technological assistants, it received 76%. On the other hand, Octavia has proven her safety effortlessly by getting 92% adult protection, 88% child protection, 73% pedestrian protection and 79% protection provided with tech assistants.

Skoda is a brand that fits the definition of “it’s called a German car” among people in our country and, although it was originally born in the Czech Republic, it acquired a serious quality with its move to Volkswagen. This car is a favorite car with its little details which well fit the definition of a German car and it will make the people of our country smile and make your travels more special with its features.


winking at segment D

Due to the exchange rate and taxes, car prices have started to rise very seriously and unfortunately each brand gets its share. Those imaginary price lines between the segments for our country are slowly starting to disappear, but if you are thinking of buying a C-segment sedan, you can consider buying this car that winks at the D-segment.



As of July 2, the lower version 1.0 TSI e-TEC 110 PS DSG Elite is priced at 759.962 TL, while this value can go up to 1.799.962 TL with the Combi 2.0 TDI SCR 200 PS DSG 4×4 RS version if the your budget fits. But let me tell you, I’ve never seen this 1.8 million version in our country, it’s interesting because, if you see it, let me know.

For detailed pricing information for Skoda Octavia and other Skoda models, please visit here.


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