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At its peak, Ethereum (ETH) had a market capitalization of just under $ 550 billion. Today, the combined market capitalization of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum is less than $ 550 billion. It should also be said that the sales of Bitcoin and altcoins are fast and brutal. Well, is there a coin that offers a buying opportunity in such an environment? According to US-based consulting firm The Motley Fool; Ethereum represents a good buying opportunity right now. He also says that ETH is a better investment than Bitcoin. Here are the reasons …

The Motley Fool shares what to consider in the main Ethereum altcoin

For now, Bitcoin and Ethereum; It has proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanisms that use computing power to mine tokens, verify and complete transactions, and support and power the network. Ethereum’s local currency, ETH, is used to pay “gas fees”. Gas supplies energy to the grid. ETH is used to verify transactions. It is the currency of Ethereum. Bitcoin’s native currency, BTC, works similarly to the ETH token. However, Ethereum is transitioning to proof-of-stake (PoS), which is expected to accelerate transactions and reduce costs.

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While they have more or less the same function, the practical use cases of Bitcoin and Ethereum have expanded. Bitcoin is best suited as a store of value and medium of exchange. But Ethereum is what really drives most of the growth and development in the cryptocurrency industry.

The differentiating factors of Ethereum

The Bitcoin whitepaper was created in 2008 as a global medium of exchange capable of operating independently of the collapse of the financial system and without interference from sovereign nations. The people who started Ethereum built where Bitcoin started, realizing that Blockchain, a distributed public ledger, could be used for much more than just transactions and payments. As we have also reported, there are smart contracts at the heart of using Ethereum. A smart contract runs automatically based on a predetermined set of conditions. The biggest advantage of smart contracts is that they are fair, transparent and instant. This saves on administrative costs and speeds up compensation payments. Ethereum is also the network used for most non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The vast majority of today’s decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols also work on Ethereum.

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Hence, according to the Motley Fool, Bitcoin offers a better store of value. On the other hand, Ethereum is more like a hub for most of the creativity and venture capital finance in the cryptocurrency world. Ethereum is a much better investment for people who believe decentralized blockchains will ultimately have a practical advantage. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is best suited for investors who believe blockchains are best used as a form of security against centralized institutions and as a path to ownership and control of their wealth.

Some risks to consider

Unlike Bitcoin, which is unrivaled in terms of security and longevity; Ethereum is a riskier and more profitable asset. Solana and Cardano are just some of the many Tier 1 blockchains competing with Ethereum. Like Ethereum, these blockchains provide the ground on which layer 2 protocols can be built. You can think of Ethereum as a smartphone and layer 2 protocols as applications on a smartphone. You can also think of creating and executing smart contracts as what these apps do.

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To make itself more competitive, Ethereum is planning an upgrade, formerly known as Ethereum 2.0, which will switch from the previously discussed PoW consensus mechanism to PoS. It should make the network faster and safer while significantly reducing gas tariffs. But the project continues to suffer delays. If things go wrong, it could pose a threat to Ethereum’s security.

Any reason not to buy the largest ETH altcoin?

According to the consultancy, Ethereum sales, coupled with increased investments in DeFi, represent an attractive investment opportunity. However, if you don’t believe in the practical use cases of level 1 blockchains or just want to see the network become more complex; It is perfectly understandable to delay the purchase of Ethereum or to buy Bitcoin instead.

The altcoin has only been around since 2015. It appears to have been around forever in the crypto space. But in reality, it is still in the early stages. Selling cryptocurrencies provides a great stress test for the long-term stability of cryptocurrencies and the exchanges that support it.

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