The West has dealt a technological blow to Russia


Konov, who has been CEO of Russia’s largest petrochemical company SIBUR, which also operates in the Turkish market since 2006, announced his resignation from his duties at the company in March following the EU’s decision to impose sanctions on him.

Speaking with the Anadolu Agency (AA), Konov said he did not find the sanctions of Western countries fair.

Noting that their assets in the EU have been frozen and Europeans can no longer trade with him personally, Konov said: “I don’t have much in Europe other than a mortgaged house and a small bank account. It’s a matter of principle. that’s not fair. I have many friends in Europe. Europe. ” “I studied in, worked in Europe for a while, so it’s an emotionally difficult situation for me. (Sanction) I don’t think the justification for being listed is right.” he said.

Stressing that he had initiated legal proceedings regarding the sanctions against him through his lawyers, Konov said: “My lawyers have submitted ‘observations’ to the European Council and asked them to reassess their approach. In addition, personal sanctions against me in The Court of the EU in Luxembourg was found to have no factual or legal basis. We appealed on the grounds. ” He said.

Pointing out that SIBUR is a private company and pays its taxes directly to the regions in which it operates rather than to the federal government, Konov said: “The European Commission claims that I was an employee of the company, which provides an important source of income to the Russian government and therefore responsible for the destabilization of Ukraine, are not valid “. used phrases


Konov stressed that the Council of Europe will reconsider its approach to sanctions against him and hopes that his rights are protected by European law.

Saying that he was punished for doing his job successfully, Konov said: “(Sanctions) I don’t think that’s right. I made SIBUR a company that complies with international standards, especially in terms of environmental and social standards. SIBUR products they cater to customer requests, especially in the European Union. It’s a strange way of appreciating all the effort I’ve made to make it a good place. ” he said.

Using the definition of “suspicious instrument” regarding sanctions against Russia, Konov said: “The biggest problem with EU sanctions is that European companies are prohibited from supplying technology equipment and funds to Russia. Most of the products SIBUR exports to Europe are in EU trade with Russia has become a victim of its restrictions. ” He said.

Stressing that SIBUR’s European customers are suffering from the current situation, Konov said: “We can assume that the company will seek alternative export destinations. However, neither SIBUR nor European companies should blame themselves for this.” made his assessment.

Pointing out that SIBUR had to cut its exports to Europe, which has a 23% share in the company’s turnover, due to trade restrictions, Konov said: “Turkey had already become an important market with a share of the 6% in SIBUR sales. The importance of the Turkish market is spread from packaging to automotive production and could increase due to the intensification of the demand for plastics used as raw materials and for films, synthetic fibers and maleic anhydride (MAN) , raw material for detergents, he said.



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