The stones continue to take their place in e-commerce


I was frankly shocked when I heard that the e-commerce company Gittigidiyor was going to be closed by eBay, the main shareholder. Because only 2-3 months ago, Gittidiyor Turkey General Manager and MENA Region Director for the 20th anniversary celebration Oget Kantarci We met On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Gittigidiyor a special documentaryWe saw it together with the company’s management team.
Recalling the world of 2001 with images from the world and Turkey in its first scene, the film represented the setting in which Gittigidiyor was founded. It then shows how the internet developed, where e-commerce came from, and of course One of Gittigidiyor’s goals he was talking. She summarized the investments he made in human resources and the value he brought.

On the one hand, this movie is in my mind, On the other hand, while passing the decision to close I called Öget Kantarci.
Of course his voice was bitter; “How are you,” I asked; “We are trying to be good, everything will be fine,” she said.

“We just got together, We talked about your future projects, How did this work come to the subject? I entered.

“What I will tell you in this delicate process limited, your understanding I’m thinking. From the competitive environment Therefore, it was decided to leave Turkey, It’s not a quick decision, it’s a It has been valued for a long time, “he said. for anniversary parties such a decision when we get together I stated if: “No, it wasn’t on the agenda at the time” gave a clear answer.

Like this; a maximum of 2 months process, I made the comment.
Kantarcı just said “yes, more or less” and finally; He gave the message: “I am in the company for the next few months in line with my duties. We will do our best for our employees, who are always in the top priority position in this process.”
After our conversations and meetings with important representatives of the sector, what I have understood is this;

The eBay secret the decision to leave Turkey, which he succeeded in, part of its overall strategy. This Russia recently and eBay, also originally from South Korea, to strengthen its position in global competition targets.

In e-commerce, one of the industry’s favorite sectors called the new economy, the stones still keep falling into place. It’s the same in this world, it’s the same in Turkey.

Reasons for eBay’s decision and, of course, its results globally in light of the evolution of the market We will see more clearly over time.

The interest of international investors in technology companies, especially e-commerce, is well known. Turkey’s first unicorns and even decacorns came out of this area. This makes the competition even tougher. * So eBay, Close Gittigiyor instead of selling it decision, this fierce competition new players hesitate has a share. However general opinion; highly competitive companies keeps it dynamic.

There are also those who speak of the effect of regulations on the sector. Comments on this are also very different, its impact on each company is different, there are areas that it strengthens or limits. Therefore, it is not correct to link the problem here only.
We started with the documentary, we end with it.
In the last scene of the documentary, which also chronicles Turkey’s 20 years of e-commerce adventure, all the employees said “Happy birthday” together.
Yup, Turkey in 2001 Presentation of secure e-commerce Gittigidiyor, happy birthday!



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