The stock market ended the day negatively.



Equity markets around the world, trapped between recession and inflation, are struggling to find direction. The slowdown observed in macroeconomic data, after the main global central banks have adopted aggressive restrictive monetary policies, raises fears of recession. According to data released last week, while industrial production has slowed worldwide, excluding China, this situation would increase the demand for bonds and dollars, and also cause a strengthening of the prices of the recession. The BIST 100 index, which followed a heavy buying course on the last trading day of the week, ended the day at 2,443.77 points up 1.60%. After President Erdogan announced the new minimum wage on Friday, all eyes were on today’s June inflation data. While the minimum wage was 5500 TL with a 30% increase, the July increase in civil servants and retirees, SSK and Bağ-Kur became clear with June inflation.

Consumer prices on a monthly basis in June 2022 4.95 percent Increased. Annual inflation, which was 73.50% in May 2022, will increase in June 2022. percent at 78.62 rose. Producer prices on a monthly basis 6.77 per cent increasing, annual D-PPI to 138.31 per cent production.

As of 18:00 today, the dollar / TL is trading at 16.82 and the euro / TL is trading at 17.55.

June inflation data announced


Analysts said that Germany’s foreign trade statistics and Investor Confidence Index and Producer Price Index (PPI) in Europe will be followed today and said that technically, the index’s 2,380 and 2,340 levels BIST 100 are in the support position and 2,450 points are in the resistance position.

The Istanbul Stock Exchange BIST 100 index closed the day with a drop of 1.55% to 2405.98 points.

While the BIST 100 index decreased by 37.79 points compared to the previous close, the total volume of transactions stood at 27.1 billion Turkish Lira.

The index saw the lowest 2405 and the highest 2475 during the day.

The increase in the rate of civil servants and retirees was announced


United States of America

While the busy calendar of macroeconomic data is expected to play a role in the direction of markets in the new week, the nonfarm employment data to be announced on Friday in the US stands out within that data calendar. After industrial production in the US, which showed signs of slowing, the possible impact of labor market developments on asset prices has strengthened, and it is noteworthy that the weekly unemployment claims announced last week were at the highest level in the last five months. While the possibility of a 75 basis point interest rate hike at the July meeting is almost certain in pricing money markets, the possibility of a 75 basis point interest rate hike at the September meeting has weakened considerably. .

With these developments, the S&P 500 Index gained 1.06%, the Nasdaq Index by 0.90% and the Dow Jones Index by 1.05% in the New York stock market on Friday. As index futures contracts in the US start the new week with a decline, the New York stock market will be closed for trading today due to the holidays.


While the consumer price index (CPI), announced on Friday in the euro zone, rose to 8.6% in June, resetting a record, growing concern about the recession in the region continues to complicate prices. While the demand for bonds from countries in the region strengthened last week, the downward trend in bond yields shifted for the second consecutive week. Although European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde said the ECB plans to raise interest rates by 25 basis points in July, the number of members who said a 50 basis point increase in interest rates interest continued at the table. This week, the region’s eyes will be on Friday’s Lagarde statements with signals in macroeconomic data to announce as clues are sought as to the magnitude of the ECB’s interest rate decision.

With these developments on Friday, the DAX 30 index gained 0.23% in Germany, the CAC 40 index gained 0.14% in France, and the FTSE MIB 30 index gained 0.29% in Italy. , while the UK’s FTSE 100 index remained flat. Index futures contracts in Europe started the new week with a decline.

European equity markets open higher

After the opening, the Stoxx Europe 600 index rose 0.87% to 410.7 points, while the DAX 40 index in Germany rose 0.56% to 12,884 points. In the UK, the FTSE 100 index rose 0.97% to 7,238 points, the CAC 40 index rose 0.87% to 5,982 points in France, the MIB 30 index in Italy rose 0, 84% to 21,353 points and the IBEX 35 index in Spain grew by 0.84 percent, has 8,220 points with a premium of 0.54.


While Asian equity markets started the week with a mixed trend, the positive macroeconomic data announced last week, particularly in China, had an influence on this trend.

Near the close, Japan’s Nikkei 225 Index gained 0.63% and China’s Shanghai Composite Index gained 0.34%, while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index fell 0. 11% and the Kospi index in South Korea fell by 0.85%.

Asian equity markets were mixed

In China, the Shanghai composite index rose 0.5% to 3,405 points and in South Korea the Kospi index fell 0.2% to 2,300 points. Japan’s Nikkei 225 Index rose 0.8% to 26,154 points, while India’s Sensex Index rose 0.2% to 53,025 points and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index fell 0.3 % to 21,805 points.


In the free market in Istanbul the dollar is 16.7620 lire, the euro is 17.4900 lire started next week.

Friday, The selling price of the dollar was 16.7610 lire and the selling price of the euro was 17.3900 lire.

USD / TL, after starting the new week with a rise from 10.40 It is trading at 16.8040, up 0.3% from its previous close. at the same time euro / TL with a 0.4 percent increase from 17,5450, pounds / TL Find buyers at 20.3780 with a 0.5% increase in value.

dollar index, It was trading at 105.1 with a decrease of 0.1%. euro / dollar The pair is moving at 1.0440, 0.2% above its previous closing level.

Noon: In the free market in Istanbul, dollars are sold for 16.8210 lire and euros for 17.5650 lire.

As of 13:00 in international markets, the euro / dollar parity is 1.0440, the pound / dollar parity is 1.2120, and the dollar / yen parity is 135.4.

End of the day: $ 16,8246 in the free market in Istanbul from Lire, € 17,5533 It is sold for lire.

As of 18:00 in international markets, the euro / dollar parity is 1.0428, the pound / dollar parity is 1.2121, and the dollar / yen parity is 135.67.

The dollar starts the new week with a rise


As the uncertainty surrounding cryptocurrencies continues, Bitcoin continues to trade below $ 20,000. bitcoin, today At 18:00 it was trading at $ 19603, an increase of 1.57 percent. Ethereum 1089, an increase of 1.39 percent, BNB It is trading at $ 223 with an increase of 1.87%.



barrel of Brent oil It is trading at $ 112.21 in international markets.

Friday The price per barrel of Brent crude, which rose to $ 112.45, completed the day at $ 111.63. Brent oil price per barrel from 09:15 today Compared to the close, it was $ 112.21, an increase of 0.51%. At the same time, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil found buyers at $ 108.95 a barrel. Despite expectations of an economic recession, OPEC’s low production, turmoil in Libya and concerns about continued supply contraction due to sanctions against Russia are effective in raising prices.

Brent in oil technically It is stated that the range of $ 112.44 to $ 112.72 can be seen as resistance and the range of $ 111.67 to $ 111.18 as support.

Noon: The price per barrel of London Brent crude is trading at $ 110.5, a drop of 0.3 percent.

End of the day: The price per barrel of London Brent crude is trading at $ 114 with an increase of 1.72 percent.

Oil collapses on fears of a slowdown


The last trading day of last week The price per gram of gold gained value in parallel with the increase in the exchange rates of the ounce gold and the dollar, ending the day at 973.8 lire with a rise of 0.4 percent.

gold price per gram, after starting the new week with a rise starting at 10:55 It is trading at 977.4 lire, 0.4 more than the previous close. at the same time quarter of gold 1,603 lire, gold republic It is also sold for 6,551 lire.

It ended the day at $ 1,811 with a 0.2 percent rise on Friday. ounce price of gold On the other hand, it is trading at $ 1,808.8, 0.1% lower than the previous close. analysts, technically He noted that $ 1,790 is in support position and $ 1,830 of resistance in the ounce price of gold.

Noon: While the price of gold per gram is traded at 976 lire, a quarter of gold is sold for 1597 lire and the gold of the Republic for 6368 lire.

One ounce of gold is trading at $ 1,806, down 0.3% on international markets.

End of the day: While the gold price per gram is sold for 979 lire, a quarter of gold is sold for 1601 lire and republican gold is sold for 6386 lire.

An ounce of gold fell 0.10% on international markets in 1810. traded in dollars.

The effort to recover below the gram


The index contract, which followed a fluctuating pattern between 2,739.00 and 2,804.50 points on Friday, closed the regular session at 2,763.50 points with a 0.2 percent rise. The index contract rose 0.4 percent to 2,773.75 points in the evening session.

On the Istanbul Stock Exchange Futures and Options Market (VIOP) The contract, based on the BIST 30 August futures index, stabilized at 2,778 points after starting the day higher.

The August index contract, after hitting a high of 2,782.75 points, is trading at 2,778, 0.1 percent higher than the previous normal session close. Analysts have noted that technically, 2,730 points are in the support position in the index contract, while the levels of 2,790 and 2,810 are in the resistance position.

The index contract in VIOP started the day up


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