The price of electricity used in the residences was increased by 20 percent and natural gas by 20.4 percent.


While the government is proud of the latest growth figures that reduce the share of workers, the evening increases in electricity and natural gas promise a hard winter for citizens.

Pipelines and Petrol Taşıma AŞ (BOTAŞ) announced that it has increased the housing tariff by 20.4%, the PMI tariff by 47.6%, the industrial tariff by 50.8% and the electricity production tariff by 49.5 %, effective from September 1st. The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) also raised the price of electricity used for housing and agriculture by 20%, the price of electricity in the public and private services sector by 30% And other groups of subscribers and 50% the price of industrial subscribers.


One of the names who commented on the price increase and previously called for special rates for traders, the President of the Confederation of Turkish Traders and Craftsmen, Bendevi Palandöken, said: “Input costs must step in to stop the inflation. With the latest excursion, this winter everything will rise even more. When the increase comes, citizens stop shopping. If a solution is not found, a great economic recession awaits us this winter “, while the President of the Turkish Retailers Federation, which has around 4,000 local market chains and retailers, Ömer Duzgun, said that as price increases pass on to consumers, citizens are excluded from shopping. retailers are reluctant to increase and said: “The gap between producer inflation and consumer inflation will widen even more. We’ve given up on profit this winter as long as we don’t lose our customers, “he said. Federation of Plastics Industrialists Ömer Karadeniz recalled that the high increases made to industrialists will eventually affect households and went on as follows: “There is an energy crisis in the world, but the world supports its industrialists and citizens. We are making incremental increases in industry inputs. These price increases put us in a vicious circle that will hit the consumer again, will increase inflation. and it will hinder production “. Adnan Ünverdi, chairman of the board of directors of the Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, also called for the revision of these increases, which forced the competitiveness of industrialists and caused problems in production and supply.

The president of the Consumer Federation, Mehmet Bülent Deniz, recalled that the country has entered a bad winter and said: “As the consumer calculates the increase that is reflected in the bill, he also knows that the increase in the sector will be reflected. on market shelves next week, now labels are a nightmare. ”


Energy specialist Önder Algedik, one of the names evaluating the effect on the general economy, said in his social media post: “A one-cent increase in gas means 600 million TL in a year from the public and a one cent increase in electricity means 2.5 billion TL in a year. In other words, more than an increase, it is a transfer of capital “, while economists speaking to Reuters said that these increases may increase inflation by 0.8 directly and indirectly by 2 points Prof. Dr. Veysel Ulusoy also drew attention to the following: “We will see its direct effect on inflation in a short time. This winter will be tough.”



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