The portfolio of foreign investors increased by TL 100.5 billion in August


Sebnem Turhan

The month of August was different for the foreign investor who has continuously exited the Turkish stock market in recent years. According to data from the Central Registry Agency (MKK), the foreign investor, who also shows himself in the banking index, which is mostly preferred by foreign investors, increased the size of his portfolio to 496 billion and 295 million in August. of lire. This figure, which points to a record level in terms of TL, reveals an increase of 100.5 billion lire compared to July. The banking index also made a monthly premium of over 50 percent in August. Yesterday the rise in the banking index continued.

According to data from the Central Registry Agency, the value of the portfolio of foreign investors increased to 496 billion and 295 million Turkish lira in August, compared to 395 billion and 775 million pounds in July. The number of foreign investors went from 13,625 in July to 13,887 in August. However, in the last week of August, foreign investors sold shares after 3 weeks. The uninterrupted purchases of shares by foreign investors since the week of July 29 have been halted as of August 26. According to Central Bank data, foreign investors sold $ 32 million worth of stock, $ 5.9 million in national government debt and $ 1.8 million in corporate debt in the week of August 26. Therefore, the 3-week purchase of the stock by foreign investors has come to an end. In the week that foreigners were sellers, the Istanbul BIST100 Stock Exchange Index gained 4.17% on a weekly basis, while the yield on the benchmark 2-year stock fell by 296 basis points.

YTD production of $ 2.8 billion

As a result, foreign investors have sold a total of $ 2 billion 886.4 million of shares, $ 1 billion and $ 897.5 million of GDBS and $ 7.8 million of SBS since the beginning of the year. Foreign investors sold a total of $ 4 billion and $ 791.7 million worth of securities in 2022.

Over the past year, foreign investors have exited the securities market for $ 5 billion 696.7 million by selling $ 2 billion 955.8 million of shares, $ 2 billion and $ 731.9 million of GDBS and $ 9 million. dollars in sales of SBS.

While the share of foreigners in the stock market was 35.1% as of August 26, this ratio fell to 33.81% on September 2. This rate, which was 40.6% at the end of 2021, was 42.4% a year ago.

The MKK Profit Index increased 197% year-on-year in the second quarter

The Central Registry Agency (MKK) has released data on MKK second quarter profit and turnover indices, periodic financial reports and 2016-2022 average financial ratios for companies traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. According to the statement made by MKK, the indices calculated using the financial data published on the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) of the companies listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange are calculated on a nominal basis, based on the sum of the last year’s earnings / returns for each quarter. In this context, the MKK profit index increased by 41.69% compared to the previous quarter and by 196.72% compared to the same period of the previous year. Starting from the second quarter, the MKK turnover index increased by 29.26% compared to the previous quarter and by 113.39% compared to the same period of the previous year.


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