The next 10 years It’s the year of the Altcoins!


Binance CEO CZ expects DeFi and DEX to overtake centralized exchanges in the long term. Speaking on a recent podcast, CZ advised investors on the bear market.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao makes a 10-year forecast for DeFi

In a new interview on Bankless’s YouTube channel, Binance’s CEO predicted that decentralized blockchain projects will overtake centralized finance (CeFi) and centralized exchanges (CEX) within 10 years. In part of the podcast, CZ made the following statements:

I think in five or 10 years, decentralized exchanges (DEX) will be bigger than centralized exchanges (CEX) … In 10 years at the most, DEX and DeFi will be bigger than CeFi.

Zhao (CZ) also believes that centralized cryptographic protocols will eventually be superseded by decentralized ones. However, he says he still believes in a future where these can coexist, as many people will prefer traditional methods of logging into their accounts. CZ’s statements on this matter were as follows:

I think it will take a long time for centralized exchanges to go to zero. But DeFi is bigger than centralized exchanges. [veya] 10 years [önce] will receive. However, centralized exchanges will continue for decades to come.

As for why DEXs are more favored, CZ lists a number of factors for this:

I guess there are still many people who are much more comfortable using an email and password. If you ask my parents’ generation, instead of using a USB stick to make encrypted backups of their distributed private keys [e-posta ve şifre] I think technology will reach a point where decentralized things will be much more useful. It is actually easier to use because KYC [müşterinizi tanıyın düzenlemeleri] you must not. You don’t have to do all these very tedious operations. You can have your own control over your wallet.

CZ’s statements were appreciated by Michael Saylor and Nayib Bukele As we mention, CZ said on the same podcast that current prices are an opportunity to invest. Furthermore, these statements from CZ were appreciated by Michael Saylor and Nayib Bukele. Yesterday El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele reported on Twitter that the country bought 80 Bitcoins for $ 19,000. Bukele also says the country has not been affected by the recent decline. On July 1, Nayib Bukele’s Twitter statements were as follows:

Bitcoin (BTC) will arrive. Thanks for selling it cheap.

Finally, Bitcoin’s price entered the $ 19,000 range over the weekend, according to data from TradingView. However, among the highlights of the day is Coinbase disrupting BTC sales.

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