The latest situation on the markets before the Fed’s critical decision


in the country sale of housing, producer prices of agricultural products And Central government balance sheet Important data awaits analysts. Abroad The US Federal Reserve (Fed) interest rate decision, which the markets have been waiting for for weeks will be announced.

The Fed’s 75 basis points rise. The interest rate is expected to increase between 1.5% and 1.75%. Some investors fear that aggressive tightening will cause the economy to contract. In addition to the Fed rate decision, macroeconomic data will also publish. As always after the interest rate decision, the Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, press conference it’ll be fine.


After very busy days The calm trend around 17.25, experienced for two days in dollar / TL continues in the middle of the week. similar situation 18 level for euro / TL valid for.

The Istanbul Stock Exchange BIST 100 Index started the day with a slight rise and is trading at 2,520 points.

While Asian equity markets are flat today after plunging sharply earlier in the week, investors will be watching how aggressively the Fed hikes interest rates at its meeting which ends today.

oil prices, At the beginning of the session, it recovered the losses caused by the demand for oil and worries for the economy in general, turning positive. The closest barrel price of Brent crude rose 0.1%. $ 121.3 rose The price of an ounce of gold in the spot market on the other, from $ 1,803, it fell yesterday and was the weakest since May 16. at $ 1,817, up 0.5 percent rose.


The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) will publish statistics on home sales, producer prices of agricultural products and wages (10.00). Housing sales increased 38.8 percent to 138,000 58, while the agricultural PPI broke a record with an annual rate of 118.53 percent.

The Treasury and Finance Ministry will announce central government budget balance data for May. While the budget had a deficit of TL 50.2 billion in the previous month, the primary deficit was TL 31.0 billion (11.00).

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will speak at the meeting of the parliamentary group of the AK party (12.00).

The International Petroleum Agency (IEA) will publish its monthly report (11.00).

Trade data for the Eurozone will follow (12.00).

Joachim Nagel, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Germany (Bundesbank), Klaas Knot, President of the Dutch Central Bank, and Pablo Hernandez de Cos, President of the Bank of Spain, will speak at the Young Factor conference in Milan.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will hold a press conference ahead of the NATO defense ministers meeting.

MBA data will be released (14.00) showing the direction of loan applications and interest rates in the US housing market.

The forthcoming US data will be followed more closely by the markets. Retail Sales, Import Prices, and the New York Fed Manufacturing Index will be published at the same time. While retail sales increased by 0.9%, import prices remained unchanged. The manufacturing index of the New York Fed, on the other hand, returned to the negative zone and was announced at -11.6 (15.30).

The next hour data to the US will be commercial stocks, the NAHB real estate market index, DoE oil and petroleum products stocks (5:00 pm, 5:30 pm), respectively.

The interest rate decision that the markets have been talking about since the previous meeting will be announced; The US Federal Reserve (Fed) will publish both the interest rate decision and the macroeconomic data. The Fed had raised the interest rate by 50 basis points in its previous meeting and had given the same level of hike signal for this meeting. However, recently there has been talk of a 75 basis point increase in the markets (21.00).

As always, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s press conference will be followed closely following the interest rate decision (9.30pm).


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