The good news from Ziraat Bank has arrived! Cardholders are given 100 TL


The good news from Ziraat Bank has arrived! Cardholders receive 100 TL. A marketing campaign has been announced for customers who have debit cards through Ziraat Bank. Depending on the Market campaign created, all customers will receive a gift of 100 TL for spending as part of the campaign, which will last until the end of the month, which is done on the credit card website. With the announcement of the Ziraat Bank, which will be presented in the context of the topic, it will be valid that the shopping is carried out at many workplaces such as Market, Butcher and Grocery store that have an agreement with the debit card. This has become a very satisfying feature for many Ziraat card customers. As part of the campaign, users have already started searching for campaign details throughout the gospel.

However, this is known to be expressed as a gift of 100 TL in total for purchases of 250 TL or more, along with the ben heart mobile application. It is known that people who want to benefit from the campaign can request it via the mobile application or SMS on the website. It was specified that it would be sufficient to send an SMS to 4757 by typing MARKET to apply via SMS. It is possible for people who send SMS to achieve success with instant service in this area.

A maximum of 100 TL is provided

In line with the bank’s campaign, you must participate in the campaign before making any purchases. In this case, the people who will participate in the campaign are required to apply first. Before applying, people are intensely questioned and questioned about people’s current conditions. As part of this, people have the ability to successfully obtain information through the website, mobile banking or customer service if they so wish as part of the campaign.

It is known that in areas such as greengrocers and delicatessens, which are coastal members of the Ziraat Bank, 20 TL are known for spending 250 TL at a time and a total of 100 TL for debit cards.

Conditions of participation in the Ziraat Bank campaign

The details of the campaign, created within Ziraat Bank, have been published for its clients. It is stated that the ongoing campaign transactions should be done on the associated companies by credit card or via the credit card pos device. Consequently, e-commerce transactions are not included in the campaign. Furthermore, only the first purchases made on the same working day are accepted within this campaign.

It is valid in the context of the first campaign in the current working environment and, at the same time, the bankkart lire is quickly loaded on the cards of all customers who meet the conditions of the campaign. The amount of Lire on the credit card that a customer can earn during the campaign period is 100 TL. Başak, Bankkart Business and Bankkart Free bank card transactions are not included. During the campaign participation period, customers who are the original cardholders have the right to participate in this campaign. Credit card upload transactions are not included in the campaign. Cash withdrawals and pre-authorization, refund and bank card use transactions that occur simultaneously do not fall into this group. By returning transactions made during the campaign period, the amount earned will be refunded. As a result, refunds will take place within a certain period of time. People who want information as part of the campaign can get the information they want through internet banking or customer representatives. In line with this, users successfully get 100 TL entitlement.

Previously, Ziraat Bank reported new information about the campaign. In line with the services you come across in this industry, users are offered many interesting options. Customers are making good progress in this direction.


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