The current account deficit was $ 2.7 billion in April


The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) has announced the balance of payments for April. As a result, the balance of payments deficit increased by $ 1.22 billion annually to $ 2.74 billion in April. The 12-month current account deficit was $ 25.7 billion.

In March, the current account deficit was realized at $ 5.5 billion.

The increase in the defined external trade deficit in the balance of payments from $ 2.69 billion to $ 4.43 billion was instrumental in this development.

The checking account, excluding gold and energy, recorded a surplus of $ 4.2 billion in April

The current account, excluding gold and energy, recorded a $ 1.13 billion year-over-year surplus and a $ 4.2 billion surplus this month.

Net inflows from the services balance increased by $ 1.48 billion yoy to $ 2.69 billion.

Net travel revenue in the services balance, on the other hand, increased by $ 933 million year-on-year to $ 1.59 billion.

Net outflows from primary income were recorded at $ 970 million, down $ 328 million year-on-year.

The secondary income balance item, which recorded a net inflow of $ 307 million in the same month last year, recorded a net outflow of $ 33 million in the current month.

Outflow of $ 606 million from portfolio investments

Net direct investment inflows were recorded at $ 323 million, while net portfolio investment outflows were recorded at $ 606 million. Net direct investment inflows were $ 323 million.

Analyzing by subheadings, $ 139 million of net purchases were made on the non-resident stock market and $ 136 million of net sales were made on the national government debt market.

As for overseas bond issues, banks and other sectors made net redemptions of $ 606 million and $ 26 million, respectively, while the general government issued new bonds of $ 305 million.

As part of other investments, domestic banks’ actual and deposit assets in their foreign correspondents declined by $ 1.45 billion.

Official reserves increased by $ 3.2 billion

There was a net increase of $ 1.12 billion, including internal deposits of foreign banks, $ 958 million in foreign currency and $ 167 million in Turkish lira.

As for loans obtained from abroad; banks, governments and other sectors use $ 280 million, $ 34 million and $ 248 million, respectively.

Official reserves recorded a net increase of $ 3.21 billion this month.

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The current account deficit was $ 2.7 billion in April


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