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June 25, 2022 at 10:40 pm

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While central banks are operating on a global basis, the calm outlook continues on a local basis. Investors are in a hurry to protect their money from inflation in market fluctuations.

The highest inflation of the last 40 years worldwide has increased the tension on the markets. All eyes are on central banks. Although a hawkish outlook was observed overseas, the Central Bank kept the benchmark rate at 14 in the country.

According to analysts at TD Securities, while central banks in the EMEA region may not be as welcoming of aggressive monetary policies as before, they may become more aggressive than in previous periods due to persistent inflation.

On the other hand, the Turkish Fed economist, İlknur Zer, says: “The reason why Turkish markets are still” volatile “is the forward-looking demand fueled by inflation and uncertainty.”

Central bank decisions, economists’ assessments… Developments regarding current global and local results remain on the agenda.

So what will the investor do in such an environment?

Data flow ranks first among the issues that the investor should focus on. CBRT The official rate is 14 and annual inflation is 73.50%. Wide spreads highlight foreign exchange and foreign exchange assets.

The high trend in inflation keeps interest in real estate and foreign currencies high. The current figures create opportunities for those who want to take advantage of low interest rates. This is why real estate, foreign exchange and stocks are followed by investors. In the stock market, overseas sales are strong and the shares of dividend-paying companies stand out for investments.

The list of prominent companies in exports, sales growth and market value is as follows:

1) Enka construction

2) Sasa Polyester

3) Eregli Iron and Steel

4) Turkish Airlines

5) Iskenderun Iron and Steel

6) Glass bottle

7) Tupraş

8) Arcelik

9) Coca Cola drink

10) Aksa Energy

11) Airports TAV

12) Pegasus


On the other hand, the decline in macro data continues. The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey released the Real Sector Confidence Index and Manufacturing Industry Capacity Utilization Rate for June. While the real sector confidence index fell to 106.4 in June, the manufacturing industry capacity utilization rate fell to 77.6%.

Consumer confidence is waning not only in Turkey but also in the world.


Consumer confidence in the UK has plummeted to an all-time low due to rising prices and falling revenues.

Research firm GfK Ltd. While noting that the confidence rate dropped by 1 point to 41 in June, it was claimed that this figure was the lowest level in the 48-year period in which the survey was conducted. The risk of recession is believed to be effective for the consumer both in terms of their own budgets and the general economy.


We have entered a difficult period in which consumer confidence has fallen, inflation has risen, prices have risen and purchasing power has declined. We are still at the beginning of this. Therefore, the consumption trend continues. However, there will continue to be a period when it is important to maintain existing positions both locally and globally.

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