The campaign carried out by İşbank and 3 banks left the mouth open! Everyone will receive 30,000 TL in last-minute payouts


If you want to use consumer loans up to 30,000 TL, we recommend you to four banks. You can apply for a loan quickly through these 4 banks. When you apply for a loan, if your bank solvency is adequate, you will be able to use TL 30,000 consumer loans with a maturity of 36 months from these 4 banks. Customers who want to use consumer loans must have a bank rating of at least 1200 and above if they want to get these loans of up to 30,000 TL. Banks charge interest rates according to their policies for the loans you will receive through these 4 banks. Now we would like to give you information on which banks you can get loan approval quickly.

Loan application İşbank 30,000 TL

Loan applications up to TL 30,000 can be submitted quickly through İşbank. The bank that suits you, İşbank, is especially preparing an online consumer loan campaign for its bank clients. If you have an account with İşbank, you can quickly apply for a loan by obtaining an internet banking password from this bank. In the loans you will use through the İş Cep application, the bank will provide you with a loan opportunity with lower interest rates.

Denizbank 30,000 TL loan application

You can also apply for a loan of up to TL 30,000 through Denizbank. You can quickly get loan approval from the Denizbank branches suitable for you or from the bank’s sms loan service. Customers who have received loan approval will only be able to use their loans from bank branches with their IDs. Denizbank recommends SMS loan approval as a simple loan application to its customers. If you want to apply for a loan by SMS, type KREDİM, leave a space, then correctly send this message to number 3280 after entering your ID number. The result of your credit will arrive to you immediately and you will use your approved credit.

QNB Finansbank loan application 30,000 TL

You can apply for a loan through this bank by sending a message to 5030 with your ID number. Clients whose loan applications are approved can quickly get loan approval up to TL 30,000. In these loans, which you will use with a maturity of 36 months and a 3-month deferral, the bank will invite you to the nearest bank if you receive confirmation in the messages that you will send the number 5030 and you will use the loan with your identity document.

Vakıfbank 30,000 TL loan application

The generic loan that you can only get with your identity card is granted to you by Vakıfbank. People applying for a loan can go to the nearest bank branch and apply for a loan from here. You can carry out loan transactions with low interest rates on the loans you will receive through Vakıfbank, which is a public bank. In these loans, which you will use up to 36 months, you can postpone the payment of the first installment by 3 months.


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