Tenants Attention! Your landlord may make such an offer Do not accept


The difficult living conditions left everyone in a difficult situation. Rising market and market prices and rising rents make our lives more difficult every day. Everyone’s life has gotten a little harder when it comes to rent, fuel, taxes, and utility bills. Under these conditions, landlords began to exaggerate rents to earn more.

Don’t be surprised if your landlord suddenly asks you for a very large rent increase. Because unfortunately many homeowners can now make such a request. There are also landlords who use various methods to evict tenants. Landlords, who can’t do any of this, are trying to get their tenants out and rent their home again for a lump sum of money.

Evacuation conditions

Since the price of the newly rented house is much higher, the owners also resort to evicting their tenants for various reasons. However, the formal conditions for evacuation must be met. For example, if the tenant does not pay the rent for a long time and the damage to the house is invalid, the landlords try to evict the tenant by saying that their children will live in the house. However, a condition was imposed on this situation, and for this reason the landlord, who had removed his tenant, was forced to no longer be able to rent his house for three years. In other words, the landlord, who fired his tenant on the pretext of his son’s arrival, will not be able to officially rent his house for three years.

Commitment to evacuation

The eviction letter is one of the new methods that homeowners have found. That is, according to this commitment, the landlord can add to the contract the clause that the house must be evacuated after a certain period of time. However, this clause does not bind former tenants. Because without this clause the contract is already prepared and signed. When even this contractual clause didn’t work, the landlords tried another method and started offering money to their tenants.

Money offer

According to a new decision, the increase in house rents cannot exceed 25 percent. In recent times, however, rents have increased too much due to both the economic problems and the intense immigration of our country. This means that rents are not 25 percent of current rents, but many times higher. But of course, when the owners couldn’t raise the rent on the house that much, they began to resort to this method. They want their tenants to leave the house by giving a certain amount of money.

There are landlords who want the tenant to move to another location, after receiving the money which includes both the relocation and several months’ rent. Although at first glance it may seem illogical, the fact that even a single month’s rent to be determined can cover this amount explains the situation. It is also among the information that there are many tenants who receive such an offer. Now let’s hear the words of the tenants who received this offer.

Tenants who receive offers of money

A tenant named Betül, who pays 2 thousand lire for rent in a residence in Istanbul Bağcılar. He states that the landlord, who sees that the other apartments in the same residence are rented for 6 or 7 thousand lire, offers to pay the moving costs in case of leaving. Hasan Ç, who said that the rent of the building where he has lived for three years in Şişli is low compared to other houses in the region. The appointed tenant, on the other hand, says the landlord wants him to leave, paying both the moving costs and the half-yearly rent. But Hasan adds that the rents of other nearby houses are three times higher than his. Tenants cannot be evicted by force or for money. They should not overlook this element, as it is difficult for them to find a home.


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