Support for employees who want to start their own business from Akbank!


Akbank LAB, Akbank’s Innovation Center, has been expanding and developing its internal entrepreneurship and innovation programs since 2016. By supporting this culture with collaborations with fintech, realized projects and open innovation programs, Akbank aims to support its employees who want launch their own initiatives, remove business partners from the establishment and further develop the business ecosystem in Turkey with this new program.

It is the first time in Turkey and allows Akbank employees to work full-time on their business ideas. Akbank + programAll Akbank employees who have recently joined the company or have been with Akbank for years will be eligible to apply. Burcu Civelek Yüce, executive vice president of Akbank Retail Banking and Digital Solutions Program information:Our friends selected from Akbank members who apply to the Akbank + program with Scalable Business Ideas will focus on their full-time business ideas. After participating in various training courses, workshops and intensive tutoring sessions, they will further develop their ideas during the incubation stage and advance to the design and product development stages. In line with the decision of the Akbank + Investment Committee, we will invest in startups like Akbank and allow our colleagues to found their own companies. Teams that cannot receive investments; In order to use their acquired entrepreneurial and innovative skills in new projects, they will return to their work at Akbank in the role of Innovation Ambassador and will lead other Akbank employees who will embark on this journey. We manage Akbank + with the support of experienced institutions and mentors. We believe that this program, which will be the first in its field, will make a significant contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of both our Bank and our country.” he has declared.

Deputy General Manager Akbank People and Culture Pinar Anapa He said: “With Akbank +, we are continuing the programs we manage to develop and support ideas that will carry Akbank into the future and to spread another step in the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship within the bank.

We are with Akbank employees to make their dreams come true with their new ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. “I produce and I believe that I will shape the future with new ideas”. We allow our friends, who say so, to work by focusing on their ideas, supporting them in creating their own initiatives and standing by their side to leave Akbank as entrepreneurs.

We believe that the Akbank + program will make a significant contribution to developing entrepreneurship and innovation skills within the organization and spreading this spirit. Our friends who participate in this program will also be cultural ambassadors.

With Akbank +, we are adding a new one to our human-centered strategies and practices and we say we are with you on your career path regardless of time and place. he said.

The first semester of the Akbank + Program starts in July. Details are at


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