Special announcement for Ziraat Bank pension recipients


People who received the pension from Ziraat Bank had the opportunity to earn Bankkart Lira. Ziraat Bank has shared details of the special opportunities offered to retired clients on its official website.

Opportunity for retired clients

Ziraat Bank has released statements for its retired clients on its official website. In announcing that it will be giving Bankkart Lira to its retired clients, the bank has also provided curious details on the subject. He announced that he will be given a total of 200 TL Bankkart Lire, 50 TL for every purchase that reaches 500 TL.

By the way, both how much lire will be given and in which sector of the expenditure these lire will be valid were among the most curious. Ziraat Bank has validated the Bankkart Lira application from May 16 to June 30 2022. Between these dates it will be valid to earn Lire Bankkart for purchases made in activities associated with health, markets, clothing, cafes, optics and restaurants that have a contract with Bankkart. In these areas it will be possible to earn a total of two hundred TL Bankkart Lire, fifty TL for every five hundred TL purchases to be made from the Bankkart POS.

What are the conditions of the campaigns?

Retired bank customers will be able to participate in the campaign from May 16 to June 30, 2022. Some steps are required to participate in the campaign. Entering the Bankkart mobile application, click on “join the campaign” or send an SMS to 4757 by typing WIN. The SMS sent to participate in the campaign is free. Thereafter, there will be the opportunity to earn a total of 200 TL, 50 TL for every 500 TL, in purchases to be made with Bankkart POS from associated companies in health, market, optics, clothing, bars and restaurants.

There are some points to consider during and after participating in the campaign. First, purchases should be made by companies that have a Bankkart contract and through Bankkart POS. Even if it is a member company, the places they serve through e-commerce are not included in the campaign. In other words, transactions made by member companies providing services through e-commerce will not be considered as part of the campaign.

In determining the amount of expenditure required to earn Bankkart Lire, the transactions provided by Bankkart’s debit card and credit card function will be taken into consideration. Furthermore, the operations to be carried out for the issue of Lire Bankkart can be in cash or in installments. The created campaign is customer-based. In other words, a single customer can receive a maximum of 200 TL Bankkart Lira. Transactions made with Bankkart Business, Bankkart Başak and Bankkart Free will not be included in the campaign.

More details on the campaign

Only original cardholder customers can participate in the campaign. Furthermore, if there are any charges made with the additional card, these are included in the charges of the customer who is the primary cardholder. If people earn Bankkart Lire, the amount they earn will be sent to them on July 7, 2022. There are also some situations that are not evaluated within the campaign. It involves cancellation, refund, cash withdrawal and use of the Lira Bankkart.

Also, loading money onto the card is not included in the campaign. If people return the transactions made during the campaign period after earning Lire Bankkart, the Lire Bankkart given to these people will be withdrawn. In that case, if there is not enough Lire Bankkart in the customer’s Bankkart piggy bank, the amount that cannot be received will be debited from the person’s account. Ziraat Bank always has the right to make changes to the entire campaign or to stop the campaign related to this special offer to its retired customers. Retired customers can earn Bankkart Lire by paying attention to the campaign conditions of all these sectors that are needed in daily life.


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