Reward everyone with the Ziraat bank card! Everyone gets money


Ziraat Bank has made a wonderful surprise for its clients. He announced that the gifts will be given to everyone in the campaign section of the bank’s website. In addition, the bank explained step by step how customers can benefit from this campaign. Here are the details…

From time to time, banks prepare campaigns to make their customers happy and support them. Ziraat Bank has also made its customers happy with the campaign it has prepared. How to benefit from this campaign is explained in detail in the campaigns section of Ziraat Bank. Therefore, Bankkart holders with Ziraat Bank card will be able to benefit from this campaign. The bank’s customers questioned the details of the campaign.

Reward everyone with the Ziraat bank card!

While campaigns related to bank retirement promotion awards have been busy on the agenda recently, Ziraat Bank has managed to change the agenda with a big campaign. They organized various campaigns because the banks did not want to lose their customers to other banks in terms of pension promotion payments. In this context, Ziraat Bank has also offered opportunities to its clients or to those who wish to bring their pension to benefit from various promotional rewards.

Customers who follow campaigns on bank websites can benefit from numerous opportunities within these campaigns. Ziraat Bank is also trying to satisfy its customers by preparing a brand new campaign in this direction. In addition to the retirement promotional payments campaigns, the new campaign is on the agenda and customers will be able to benefit from several opportunities.

Everyone gets money

Ziraat Bank, one of the largest Turkish banks, has given the good news to its clients. As part of the Gospel, anyone with a Ziraat Bank card will be able to benefit from the campaign. Everyone who applies for the campaign receives free money immediately. Details are explained in the campaigns section of the bank’s website. To benefit from this campaign, you need to have a Ziraat Bank card.

As part of the campaign launched by Ziraat Bank; People with Ziraat Bank card will receive 150 TL as a gift when they shop with Bankart from areas such as greengrocers, grocery stores and markets. On the other hand, in these school opening days, Ziraat Bank announced that it would donate 150 TL to support families in stationery shopping.
According to the announcement made by Ziraat Bank on its website, Ziraat Bank has given the good news to everyone who has a card. In this announcement, he stated that a total of 150 TL Bankkart TL will be given to customers who will send the last 6 digits of the card as a gift for grocery shopping, greengrocer, butcher, delicatessen and market.

Customers who wondered when the campaign would end immediately started doing research. It is also stated in the campaigns section of the Ziraat Bank website that the campaign will end on September 30, 2022. In this context, those who want to benefit from the campaign must apply by that date.

Clients also wondered how to apply for this campaign launched by Ziraat Bank. You can apply for the campaign in 3 different ways, according to the statement made on the bank’s website. These; You can apply from by typing in Bankkart Mobil or MARKET and sending an SMS (message) to 4757. Candidates will be able to take advantage of the opportunities by participating in the campaign.

Another point made in the campaign was that transactions should be made at Bankkart member merchants and Bankkart outlets and that e-commerce transactions are not included in the campaign. The details of this campaign initiated by Ziraat Bank can be found more clearly on the bank’s website. Customers who meet the campaign conditions will be instantly loaded onto their cards. In this context, it has been stated that the campaign is on a customer basis and a customer will earn a maximum of 150 TL from Bankkart.
It was also stated that the transactions to be carried out with the Bankkart Business, Bankkart Free and Bankkart Başak products are not included in the campaign launched by Ziraat Bank. Therefore, participation in the campaign can only be applied by customers who own the original card.


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