Retirement Weekend Announced! Loan with Holiday Bonus to People who receive Pensions


In the new campaign for retirees, the announcement of the Holiday Loan campaign was shared, which will be disbursed together with the holiday bonus, to meet their cash needs. Retirees will be awarded a bonus of 1100 TL, Eid al-Adha. In these payments, which will be disbursed in the last week of June, you can also participate in the Holiday Loan campaign by requesting consumer loans through the banks, in addition to the Sacrifice Festival bonus that you will receive for the holiday.

We can say that people who want to participate in this cash campaign that only retirees have started can get consumer loans with the campaign that will be done by public banks and private banks. Banks apply for both the holiday bonus and the holiday loan campaign via internet banking. In case you need cash, you can take advantage of a holiday loan at a subsidized rate by making your request through the bank from which you received your pension and depositing the approved amount, which can quickly obtain results, into your account within the same day.

Ziraat bank

Citizens who want to transact through Ziraat Bank, which is a state-owned bank, should receive a pension from this bank if they want to use consumer loans. You can apply for a consumer loan via the mobile application by downloading internet banking to your mobile phone. If you receive your pension from the bank, you can see the pension bonus that will be given to Eid-al-Adha in your account without applying.

If you are transferring your pension to Ziraat Bank for the first time, you can benefit from the retirement promotion campaign of TL 750 before applying for a loan. Ziraat Bank offers loans with a maturity of 36 months for consumer loans up to 50,000 TL, 24 months for loans over 50,000 TL and one hundred thousand TL and 12 months for loans of 100,000 TL.

Citizens who wish to use the loans by carrying out their transactions through Vakıfbank and Halkbank, which are other public banks like Ziraat Bank, can also receive consumer loans and holiday bonuses they received through Ziraat Bank, under the same loan conditions, via Vakıfbank and Halkbank.

Citizens receiving pensions through Halkbank and VakıfBank can easily apply for a loan from bank branches via the bank’s website and without going to the branches. If you want to make transactions without going to bank branches, you need to use your internet banking.


Denizbank, which is among the private banks and provides loans to retirees who want to benefit from the loan, quickly via SMS, has announced that it will immediately approve citizens who meet the conditions of the pension loan campaign it has carried out. Citizens who want to benefit from this cash loan campaign, where it is possible to obtain a consumer loan by making their application via their mobile phone, can know the outcome of the loan within 5 minutes.

Retirees who want to apply for a consumer loan via SMS will have to apply for a loan if their credit score is high, enter the message section of their mobile phone, write “Credit”, leave a space and write this message to the TC ID number: 32 80. Citizens, who apply for consumer loans via SMS, can use these loans with their identity card by going to the nearest bank branches if they obtain consumer loan approval. If people who make their applications via their mobile phones are also using a mobile application, they can easily execute their transactions by participating in Denizbank’s mobile application, the consumer loan campaign.

Guarantors Bank

It has been announced that retirees who want to benefit from the pension loan campaign launched for citizens who want to apply for a loan through Garanti Bank, will receive low-interest loans without a certificate of income, provided they are salary customers. If you take your pension to the Garanti Bank branches, you will receive a retirement promotion of 2000 TL, as well as a pension bonus of 1100 TL before Eid-al-Adha and a consumer loan of up to 100000 TL without proof of income They are waiting for you. Citizens who receive their pension through Garanti Bank can also take loans with higher limits in case they use home and car loans, while they can obtain loans at a subsidized rate by taking advantage of the interest rates on the bank’s subsidized loans, since the pension is their client.

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Citizens who are between private banks and who want to take advantage of the loan through Akbank can apply for a loan using the Akbank Direkt application, without going to bank branches, if they are Akbank customers. If you want to apply for a consumer loan by logging into the Akbank Direkt application, you can immediately apply for a loan via the mobile application without going to the branch with your internet banking password and you can immediately see how many loan authorizations you have received via your pension account . Akbank also provides consumer loans via SMS to its citizens. Citizens who will apply for a consumer loan via SMS, if they want to take advantage of loan opportunities, enter the message section of each mobile phone, write credit, leave a space and send this message to 44 25 by typing the TR ID number. While Akbank offers low-interest consumer loans to retired citizens, it also announces other credit and credit card campaigns according to which citizens who will use the loans can also carry out their transactions through bank branches. Citizens who bring a pension through Akbank can receive a pension promotion of up to 2750 TL and immediately receive a pension promotion of 1100 TL, which will be given for the holidays.


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