Published in the Official Gazette! Minimum 3000 TL payable to retirees!


Officially announced the list of banks that will pay at least 3000 TL for retirees. Citizens who receive retirement, especially through public banks, will be able to participate in consumer loans with government support and use the loans whenever they want through these banks. Retirees who want to qualify for these payments, which will be made up to a minimum of TL 3000, must have bank credit, have no problems, and have an adequate bank credit score.

Retired citizens can carry out their transactions through Ziraat Bank Halkbank and Vakıfbank, which are public banks, for loans of TL 3000 in order to use the loans. Citizens who want to carry out their transactions using a new consumer loan in 3 days can quickly carry out their transactions with a delay of 90 days in the payment of the first installment. For all the loans that you will use up to 50 thousand TL, the banks carry out transactions with a maturity of 36 months and low interest rates.


Citizens who want to apply can go to bank branches if they comply with the loan conditions, carry out their transactions only with their identity documents and apply for a cash loan.

Ziraat bank

If you wish to apply for a consumer loan through Ziraat Bank, which is a public bank, you can go to the nearest bank branch with your ID to complete the application. Citizens who receive their pension through Ziraat Bank, if they want to carry out their transactions without going to bank branches, can apply through the mobile application by obtaining an internet banking password.


Citizens, who will provide loans between TL 3,000 and TL 50,000 with a duration of 36 months, can quickly use TL cash loans by submitting their applications through Vakıfbank. Citizens wishing to apply for a consumer loan of TL 50,000 or more can obtain a 24 month loan for loans up to TL 100,000 and a 12 month loan for loans over TL 100,000. Citizens who will use the credit by making their applications can also make payments to their accounts on the same day via their mobile applications, if they meet the conditions.


your pension, Halkbank If you shop monthly, if you are a salary customer, you are offered a loan opportunity with a maturity of up to 36 months. Halkbank, offers a 3-month deferred loan opportunity to those who will submit their applications in the consumer loan campaign that you will carry out through your retirement account. In case you need cash, citizens who want to obtain a loan by submitting their applications can go to the Halkbank branches or use the bank’s internet banking to use a loan of up to 50,000 TL as an offer loan.


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