Pack your bags at home, earn 8,000 TL. Salary good news for housewives, students and the unemployed. Here are İŞKUR’s home packaging job postings


Recently, the number of people who want to earn money from home has increased. The main reason for this is the proliferation of companies that employ factories to homes.

Businesses that employ factories to houses are often sought after by people who want to get factory-to-house jobs. In this way, brands that operate in many other fields, especially companies that provide home textile businesses, give jobs.

People who want to do reliable home packaging deals, especially want to contact companies that give housewives homework.

Retired, unemployed, disabled, students or anyone who wants to do additional work, especially housewives, can apply and earn additional income. Anyone who has recently struggled with economic conditions would like to turn their free time into income. Companies that provide home packaging businesses and companies that employ other additional jobs, this is the answer you want.

Whether you are worried about being suitable for additional work at home or not, you don’t need to worry! You don’t need to have any experience or skills. If you are a person who has free time and you say you work meticulously, you can comfortably work with companies that employ from factories to homes. Wondering what jobs to do? Here are some of those jobs.

What additional work can be done at home?

If you want to do additional work at home, it is helpful to know what jobs you can do. Even if companies don’t ask for experience, if they see that you know the business, they will be closer to working with you. There are many home work opportunities where you can earn additional income. There are various additional works.

Textiles (such as sewing buttons, sewing clothes)
pen packaging
soap packaging,
pack of henna,
buckle packing,
Straw packing
Mask packing
balloon packaging business

As you can see, the packaging is the most popular. You can also get jobs from many different industries.

Additional earnings from work at home

The most curious thing for those who will do additional work at home is how much they will earn. When you work with companies that employ factories to houses, it is not known what work you will be doing and how much. Your earnings will vary depending on the intensity of the work.

For example, let’s say you got a henna wrapping job from an organizational company. The company offered you 500 TL for 1000 packing jobs per week. Another company may do more or less packing work. In other words, the question of income is a subject that varies a lot.

However, if you do home packing every day for a month, you can earn 4,000 TL on average. It is up to you to go above or below the aforementioned earnings. If two people work, you can earn at least 8 thousand lire.

The reputable companies that employ houses are companies that send work to your address via freight without requiring a deposit. If you are getting jobs from factories to houses, you need to be careful if the company asks you for a deposit.

Typically, companies that work from home send goods from the Istanbul address. For this reason, even if you are in a different city, you have the option of receiving the work from the factory to the houses via cargo.

For reputable companies, it is the most important issue to work with places that provide work without a deposit.

Companies that employ factories to houses

By sharing your contact information in the comments section for companies that provide jobs from factories to homes, you can allow companies that send jobs to your home to reach you.

Companies that give homes additional jobs, on average, allow you to earn between TL 1,000 and TL 4,000 per month. You can reach it through the ads titled Home Packing Job is given, or you can apply for companies that provide housewives and reputable home packaging companies from the comments section, as mentioned above.

Companies that send work home offer jobs to people who want to do additional work at home. Companies that employ housewives also offer income opportunities to the unemployed and those who want to earn additional income.

While companies that produce home textiles send out sewing, embroidery, button packaging and the like; Reliable home packaging suppliers ship products that are already in stock and need to be packaged. Salaries paid by home packers are significantly lower, but include jobs that can be done more easily and quickly.

Companies that employ housewives at home

Companies that give additional work to houses, reduce the cost of labor and other expenses (road, meals, insurance); Send into homes to save and to ensure that people who are in financial difficulty during the pandemic period earn revenue from factories with companies that employ homes. Job advertisements are provided to pack the house and from time to time the person, business model and salary to be hired are posted. People looking to get additional jobs in homes can apply through these ads.



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