Opel General Manager: SCT could intervene very soon


Opel Turkey General Manager Alpagut Girgin has announced that he expects an intervention on the special consumption tax (SCT) applied to cars.

Girgin said that purchases for investment purposes have declined and also said he expects second-hand prices to rise.

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Opel Turkey General Manager Alpagut Girgin spoke about the sector at a press conference in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

According to Dünya, Girgin said he expects intervention on the SCT issue very soon. Gigin, “I disagree with the view that there will be no changes in SCT. I expect there will be an update on both the increase in the brackets and the increase in the stairs. “ She said.

The political agenda is also SCT

Turkey is the country with the highest car tax in the world. Depending on the displacement and the price of the vehicle, the SCT can start from 45% of the selling price and go up to 220%. Due to the high rates, the fees are more than half the price in many models. In some models, this rate reaches three times the bare price of the vehicle.

Due to the rapid rise in exchange rates, the government issued an SCT regulation in January when there were hardly any models left in the group’s 50% segment under 1600cc, which makes up the bulk of the automotive market in Turkey.

The high SCTs taken from the vehicle, which makes up 6 percent of the central government budget revenue, are also the subject of policy.

CHP President Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu promised ÖTV in July, saying that once they come to power, they would only use SCT in luxury vehicles. “You know, I said there is no excise duty on young people’s first new car purchases, it remains. We will also reduce taxes on light commercial vehicles. All you have to do is put off buying your car for now. And wait for our power for a short time. Don’t buy a car. When we come, we will design the SCT in the vehicle segments most sought after by our staff. We will also apply the SCT to those who buy luxury vehicles “ He said.

Immediately after Kılıçdaroğlu’s statement, President Tayyip Erdoğan was given the authority to reduce SCT to zero and increase it up to three times.

‘Investment purchases are almost over’

On the other hand, consumers have begun to see vehicles as an investment tool rather than a consumer tool since last year due to the constant increase in prices and the lack of products to sell.

Opel Girgin’s chief executive said at the launch in May that auto purchases out of necessity fell below 70% and said most of the purchases were for investment purposes.

Girgin said that now the situation has changed and the investment purchases are almost over: “We have not yet received the results of our official analysis, but the number of customers who bought investment vehicles in August has approached zero. There are two important reasons for this; First, the purchasing power has now reached a very low level in terms of vehicles. Second, these SCT conversations that we all experience with confused people. “

“Prices may rise”

On August 16 the regulation of the Ministry of Commerce for the sale of used vehicles was published in the Official Gazette. Consequently, those who trade in second-hand land vehicles will not be able to market or sell their cars and off-road vehicles directly or indirectly before July 1, 2023, unless six months and six thousand kilometers have passed since the date of the first. registration. The Ministry will be authorized to extend this date up to six months.

Evaluating the impact of this change on the industry and vehicle prices, Girgin said: “We have not seen a significant impact of this regulation on new vehicle sales. Our customer portfolio is only a little filtered. The clientele of the galleries has decreased. Currently the priority of the tunnels is zero km until 15 September. sell your vehicles Because of this, in the short term there could be a decrease of about 5 percent in the prices of used cars. However, if a sufficient supply of new vehicles is not guaranteed, second-hand prices, on the contrary, will rise again due to availability. “

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