Only that altcoin flew today – the whales are running for it!


The popular Shiba Inu (SHIB) meme coin continues to unveil its designs. This causes the whales to flock to SHIB. With the attack of the whales, the price of altcoins increased by more than 50%. Additionally, SHIB maintained its position as the largest token held by whales.

Whales bought, the price of the altcoin has increased!

During the week, exactly on June 21st, the Shiba Inu became one of the biggest winners in the cryptocurrency market. The popular meme coin is soaring by over 50% on a weekly basis.

This rally helped SHIB secure the top cryptocurrency position among Ethereum’s top 100 whales. This position continued to hold throughout the press time. Blockchain data tracker WhaleStats shared the latest data. As a result, the top 100 ETH whales currently hold SHIBs worth $ 594,171,595, or 14.48% of their holdings.

Whale Farm / Source: WhaleStats

Additionally, the Shiba Inu was trading at $ 0.00001148, up 5.78% on a daily basis at press time, according to CoinMarketCap.

The profitability of Altcoins and the number of holders increase

The profitability of the popular Shiba Inu meme coin (SHIB) has risen to 22%, according to data from IntoTheBlock. Likewise, the number of Shiba Inu holders rose to 1,188,659 at the time of writing, showing growth in June.

Unification shared information about the latest Shibarium updates. As a result, the Shibarium Private Alpha TestNet ran effectively for several weeks. It is currently in development to prepare for the public distribution of Beta TestNet. The wallet application, which will facilitate bidirectional asset transfers, staking / delegation between L1 and L2 and the integration of Shibaswap in subsequent versions, are the main tools currently under active development.

Shibarium Public Beta TestNet launches in the third quarter As we have reported, the launch of Shibarium Public Beta TestNet is scheduled for the third quarter. This will provide complete network interaction for users, including the verification process. The Shiba Inu community specific Twitter account, ShibaInuart, shared his expectations when the beta phase began:

Once the planned Shibarium Public Beta TestNet for implementation goes live, the workflows of key areas for those interacting with the blockchain environment will help assess: performance benchmarking, usability optimization, and architecture stabilization.


Eyes on Switchere and Shiba Inu

Shibainuart expressed his gratitude to the Switchere team for taking the time to get to know the Shiba Inu trio: SHIB, BONE and LEASH. He also stated that all eyes are on Switchere’s Shiba Inu ecosystem listing right now.

Earlier in the week, cryptocurrency exchange Binance provided monitoring of BONE. This has led to speculation about a possible list.

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