News from Riva that 2.4 billion will enter the Galatasaray coffers


The amount payable to Galatasaray in the Dreams Valley project of 1350 villas, built by Yılmaz İnşaat and FBA Yapı on the former Riva land of the Galatasaray Sports Club, with the insurance of Emlak Konut GYO, has increased by 3 times. While it is expected that 750 million lire will be sold to Galatasaray during the launch period of the project, it is estimated that this rate will increase to 2 billion and 400 million lire as the value of the houses increases.

According to the news from Leyla İlhan of Dünya, the chairman of the board of directors of Yılmaz İnşaat, Hakan Yılmaz, who bought the land in the tender of Emlak Konut in 2018, provided information on the latest process of the project. “The revenue from the project, which we launched in the last quarter of 2018, was TL 3.8 billion at the time. We were paying 25 percent of this price to Emlak Konut in revenue sharing. In Emlak Konut, the owner of the land paid 20 percent to the Galatasaray Club “ Yilmaz said, “The total amount we would pay was around 950 million Turkish Lira. Approximately TL 750 million of this amount would go to Galatasaray Sports Club. When we look at today’s selling prices, the total revenue amounted to TL 9 billion. The whole project will be fully completed in 2026. When we add these 4 years, the figure will exceed TL 12 billion. Therefore, Galatasaray will triple its stake at the end of the project and generate an income of approximately TL 2.4 billion. “ He said.

685 out of 700 villas were sold

Hakan Yılmaz stated that 685 of the 700 villas in the first 2 phases of the project have been sold. “In our 3rd stage, where 300 villas will be located, the square meter of the villas varies between 50,000 lire and 65,000 lire. In other words, if we look at the price, the villas start at 10 million TL and the large villas at 23 million TL. Since the size of the garden of each villa is different, the price is also different “ He said.

“We provide recovery from the treatment system”

Fatih Aksöz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FBA Yapı, drew attention to the treatment systems installed to reduce costs. “The social opportunities in our project are once more than the sites around us. Even though we have more indoor pool, fitness center, shopping mall, and outdoor pool when we look at it for housing purposes, our shares are one-half to one-third of the projects in the surrounding area. Aksoz says, “The most important reason for this is that we recover from the water we treat ourselves. Again, we purify the water we get from the Riva stream, which is right next to us, and use it in the garden, which greatly reduces our garden irrigation costs. At the same time, this clean water we use enters the transformation of nature because it mixes underground. In other words, it significantly contributes to the cleansing of the stream. This is a very important issue that we focus on ”. She said.

150 Galatasaray villas

Dursun Özbek, President of the Galatasaray Sports Club, who spoke to the Council Committee recently, said the following about the project; “There are 730 villas left in the Dreams Valley project, which was built on our land, 20 percent of this share is ours, in other words 140-150 villas are ours. How much money 140-150 villas make today, if it is calculated, makes a profit of over 2 billion TL. This figure will make a significant contribution to our club ”.

The project was awarded an 8-time award

Noting that his designs have earned 8 times the award since launch, Hakan Yılmaz said: “Our 1 + 1 villas, which we offered for sale at a price of TL 1 million 69 thousand in the first launch period, are now being transferred by the owners at a price of TL 8 million. The villas we sold for 1 million 400 thousand TL are now moved to 10-12 million. Starting this week, we have begun to collect requests for the 3rd phase. We are planning to put it up for sale in 1-2 weeks. ”Stating that they will prioritize clients who have purchased villas from other stages, rather than clients from outside, Yılmaz said:“ We have a total of 1,330 villas in the Valley dei Sogni. We have offered 700 for sale, now another 300 villas will be offered for sale. In Phase 4, another 330 villas will be offered for sale and in 2026 we will have completed the entire project “ He said.

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