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New support for domestic cars!

Counting the days to show the home car, Togg received project-based government assistance.

As a result, the right of easement of the land of the national car factory, which is under construction in the Gemlik district of Bursa, has been granted to Togg.

Provided that the investment envisaged by the Presidential Decree is completed and that the occupation is foreseen for five years, the property in question can be registered free of charge with Togg upon request.

In the decision published in the Official Gazette, “Moving with an area of ​​1,071,801.49 square meters located in the province of Bursa, Gemlik district, Gençali Mahallesi, parcel number 2073, directly in favor of the Industry and Commerce Joint Stock of the ‘Automobile Initiative Group of Turkey Company, with no share in the proceeds. An independent and permanent right of easement will be established for 49 years and, provided the planned investment is completed and the employment relationship is expected for five years, the this property can be registered free of charge in the name of the company mentioned in the deed of ownership upon request.


The first government support for Togg was announced in the days the car was introduced. According to the decision published in the Official Gazette in December 2019, the duration of the investment was determined in 13 years from the starting date of October 30, 2019.

While it is expected that 175,000 cars per year from 5 different models will be produced within this period, if the determined goal cannot be completed within the specified time, an additional half-time period will be granted by the Ministry of Industry and Technology. The total investment amount was determined to be TL 22 billion at that time.

While Togg’s investment was guaranteed to purchase 30,000 cars, it was announced that 30,000 electric cars would be purchased by the State Supply Office (DMO) until December 31, 2035.

Other supports provided by the state to the domestic car are customs exemption, value added tax (VAT) exemption, tax reduction, support for the employer’s share of the 10-year unlimited insurance premium of maximum amount, 10-year income tax withholding support, up to 360 million TL Qualified personnel support, in the form of interest and profit sharing, allocation of investment location and guarantee of purchase.


On the other hand, the battery manufacturer Siro, founded by Togg in collaboration with Farasis, will also receive project-based state aid.

Therefore, Siro will have the right of easement for a part of the land in Gemlik where the battery production and energy storage plant will be located. If Siro completes the investment and gives work for five years, the land in question can be registered free of charge.

The relative decision published in the Official Gazette is the following;

“The 590,046.23 sq m part of the 3,024,555.87 sq m property located in the province of Bursa, Gemlik District, Gençali District, lot no. 134, block 4, and the entire building with the coordinates of the ANNEX -1, block 521, lot number 1, located in the Gemlik district, Hisar district. And 11,126.00 m2 of 13,361.17 m2 of property in block 520, lot number 1, and off the coast, the coordinates of which are reported in ATTACHMENT -2, directly in favor of Siro Silk Road Temiz Energy Storage Technologies Industry and Trade Inc. 49 An autonomous and permanent right of easement will be established for the duration of one year, and said properties can be registered free of charge in the name of the company mentioned in the title deed, provided that the investment is completed and the expected occupation is expected for five years.


Siro, as part of the project government assistance announced in December 2021, provides exemption from customs duties, VAT exemption, VAT refund, tax reduction, support for the employer’s insurance premium, support for withholding tax for 10 years, support for skilled personnel, energy consumption expenses for 10 years received a variety of grants such as 50 percent support, grants and allocation of the location of the investment.

The amount of the company’s targeted investment was announced as TL 30 billion. The investment period of the company, which started manufacturing battery cells and modules on October 3, 2021, was carried over to 10 years.

The battery cell to be produced with the above investment will have a capacity of 15 GWh and the battery module and package will have a capacity of 19.8 GWh. The expected number of qualified personnel for Siro is 400 and the expected additional employment is 2,200.


The change in the rate of excise duty on electric vehicles in the previous days was interpreted as an incentive for Togg.

It is argued that the regulation in question could pave the way for reducing Togg’s SCT rate from 60% to 10%.

Making statements while the regulation passed in parliament last week was still in the drafting phase, AK Party Group Vice President Mustafa Elitaş pointed out that the latest change to the SCT of electric cars in 2021 has raised the tax rate. by Togg.

Elitaş said: “We are trying to reduce the SCT of the vehicle produced in Turkey and make it affordable.”


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