New development in the money laundering scandal on Twitch


New information was shared about Twitch’s operations, in which 18 other people were detained. Allegedly, the inmates are charged with a $ 1 million profit. How this emphasis was placed also came to light.

In a news story we shared with you about 1 month ago, some Contraction Since dawn, an operation against its publishers has been carried out and 18 people have been arrested. we talked about. These people have been accused of fraud with someone else’s cards. Now, there has been a new development on this problem. TRT Newsreached new information on the details of the investigation.

The first information on the operation concerns the stolen money. According to the allegations, the size of the money in the middle 1 million dollars. Furthermore, it is alleged that hackers are also involved. It is claimed that 5 of the 18 people taken into custody are publishers and 5 are hackers. 4 people to provide communication between hackers and publishers e commission received is expressed. It is further stated that all of these are planned on an established secret group on Discord.

They create fake sites and scam people.


TRT Haber also revealed how the money was laundered on Twitch. According to the information obtained, hackers, fake websites they were building. Indeed, among these fake sites was the virtual GSM operator of one of the largest market chains in Turkey. These sites are moved to the top of Google’s search results for a short time, the credit card information of the user accessing the site is stolen and then the information here. Donate on Twitch. Therefore, the money obtained from the fraud was laundered via Twitch. In this process, the money was left to both the hacker, the publisher and the broker.


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Reaching out to a person who was a victim of the fraud incident, TRT Haber also revealed what happened during the trial. The explanations of the person who claimed to be a victim regarding the matter are as follows:

When he enters his credit or debit card details into the system, he receives a confirmation code for secure bank payment from the Internet. Because he entered this confirmation code without paying attention to the amount, it was deducted from his account. 500 TL at the first opportunity be drawn. When he enters the site again, he receives a notice from the site. He says: you entered the wrong code, they send you a code one more time to ask you if you can re-enter it. At the same time, they withdraw another one thousand 150 TL. Expense statements When we check, this money is transferred to a bank, to the virtual bank. When we call this virtual bank, they return it as follows. They say we are a virtual bank, an electronic POS, we provide electronic account services on the Internet. Our we have no responsibilityThey made such a statement because we transferred the money to this gaming company.

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